Manufacturer: Yokohama
Tyre: Yokohama Geolandar G012


The Yokohama Geolandar G012 tyres are rugged 4x4 tyres for your 4WD vehicles and SUVs, offering reliable performance both on road and off road. If your regular driving involves a fair amount of tough terrain in addition to everyday asphalt, these are amongst the best tyre options for you. Yokohama Tyres of course has other tyres for SUV applications, the most popular being the Yokohama AC02 C-Drive2 tyres for high performance luxury SUVs. These tyres, however, are 100% on road tyres with zero off road capabilities.

Filled with a range of innovative tyre technologies, the Yokohama Geolanadar G012 tyres deliver a high and uncompromising level of performance, irrespective of the terrain.

Superior Handling Characteristics: The Yokohama Geolandar G012 tyres have a distinctive tread pattern with innovatively designed tread blocks that maximise the handling characteristics. Pyramid like zig-zag sipes are cut into the tyre tread area, which enhance the block’s rigidity. So deformation of the tread block due to the stress of driving is minimised, enhancing the braking and handling characteristics on all surfaces. Also because of reduced block deformation, the tread wear is more uniform, increasing the tyre life.
Exceptional On and Off Road Performance: The Yokohama Geolandar G012 tyres feature multi-step grooves in between the tread blocks. As a result, the ‘squishy’ effect experienced on highways with other similar tyres is eliminated. These grooves are also responsible for superior off road performance because they effectively clear away mud and dirt from the tread increasing traction and grip and enabling superior performance. You thus experience superior control on road and off road.
Increased Tyre Life: The tread block arrangement is created in such a manner as to minimise uneven tread wear. Powerful side block protectors are present on the sidewalls of the Yokohama Geolandar G012 tyres. Thus the tyre tread is protected from cuts and abrasions likely to occur on tough terrain. Besides, the tyre block protectors also increase traction levels in rugged terrains, further increasing performance and safety off road.
Reduced Tyre Noise: The tread blocks in the Yokohama Geolandar G012 tyres exhibit a 5 Pitch block variation pattern along the entire tyre circumference. This greatly minimises tyre noise, increasing the driving comfort for both drivers and passengers. This arrangement of tread blocks also contributes to reducing uneven tread wear, further increasing the life of the tyres.

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225 70 16 102H H
245 65 17 107H H
M.Mace - 15th July, 2012

They were put on the back of my Forester. This caused the car to handly poorly. I swapped them to the front and the handling was better. Most of my driving is in the Highlands of Scotland and the roads while fun to drive are not well surfaced. N.B. I am a retired rally driver.
6 out of 10

N Johnston - 9th May, 2012

I live within the Cairngorm National Park in Scotland. As you can imagine we get all sorts of weather thrown at us. Changing over to the Geolanders has, in my opinion, made a real difference in grip and road handling. Even my wife who would never usually make a comment about tyres says she notices a real difference driving down the lanes and country roads. When I change this vehicle I will be asking that Geolanders be put onto the vehicle from the start.
10 out of 10

Chris - 9th March, 2012

Excellent for all round use - less noise than OEM Pirelli Scorpion STR M&S. Absolutely superb in this year 's snow and ice. Tested them with an emergency stop in 5 inches of snow on quiet road and could not believe the short stopping distance with no deviation! Two friends have already followed and are equally delighted
10 out of 10

Norman Flack - 23rd February, 2012

I live in the country and most of my driving is countryside and some offroad. The tyres were bought particularly for winter travel in the countryside. On snow they were very good. On ice you still have to take care cornering that speed is not excessive.
9 out of 10

NP Johnston - 14th February, 2012

I live in Glenshee, Scotland so winter time gives us plenty of snow. Getting out of my house can be fun at times but I am finding the Geolanders cut into the snow and pull you up with confidence. Pretty good price too for what you get.
10 out of 10

Charlie Phillips - 25th January, 2012

Made a huge difference to the offroad and bad weather grip of this 4x4, the previous tyres (Bridgestone Dueler) were more like standard road tyres and had very little "feel" compared to these Yokohamas. Flooded roads and snow/ice are now able to be tackled with much more confidence.
10 out of 10

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