Manufacturer: Yokohama
Tyre: Yokohama ADVSP V103


The Yokohama ADVSP V103 RunFlat tyres are ultra high performance tyres suitable for high powered saloons and sports cars. These tyres manufactured by Yokohama Tyres are part of the company’s ultra high performance Advan Sport range. The Yokohama Advan V802 tyres, also part of this range, are popularly used in high powered SUVs. The distinctive feature of the Yokohama ADVSP V103 RunFlat tyres is the innovative run-flat technology that enables the tyres to support the vehicle, even when the air pressure is very low or zero. Thus safety levels rise as there are no chances of getting stranded in the middle of nowhere because of a flat tyre. 

Exceptional grip and traction: The tread compound of the Yokohama ADVSP V103 RunFlat tyres uses nanotechnology to grip the surface at a micro level. Thus traction offered by the tyres on all surfaces – wet and dry increases, making it very safe to push your vehicle to its maximum performance potential. The handling is very precise, allowing you to enjoy an exhilarating drive every single time.
Improved safety: Yokohama Tyres boldly claim that the Yokohama ADVSP V103 RunFlat tyres are amongst the fastest and safest tyres in the world. This claim is backed by the fact that the tyre construction uses rayon to create a strong carcass that is capable of supporting the highest speed while maintaining maximum stability. The tyre construction makes it suitable for speeds in excess of 300km/hr.
Excellent comfort levels: “A gentleman is always seen, not heard” or so goes an old adage. The same applies to high powered cars. You want to be seen to make an impression and not create thunderous noise and spoil the impression. The Yokohama ADVSP V103 RunFlat tyres tread design minimises tyre noise levels, producing a quiet and comfortable ride. The ride comfort is also maximised, matching the refinement levels demanded by highly priced, luxurious sports cars.

The run flat technology is the result of Yokohama’s Zero Pressure System (ZPS), incorporated into these tyres. High end saloons, sports cars and super cars need tyres that make high speed driving a reality. High speed is not merely jabbing on the accelerator, but also needs precise control and handling, which ensure stability. The Yokohama ADVSP V103 RunFlat tyres have been designed to precisely meet these needs.

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