Manufacturer: Yokohama
Tyre: Yokohama Advan V802


Rugged, powerful 4 wheel drive SUVs are the best choice for exploring the countryside or for making that adventure trip. But with SUVs, safety and stability issues are critical because these vehicles are heavier and have a higher centre of gravity. For high speed stability, agility and precise handling in high performance SUVs, look no further than the Yokohama Advan V802 tyres. Developed by Japan based Yokohama Tyres specifically for the next generation of ultra high performance SUVs, these tyres boost driving pleasure and deliver a quiet and comfortable drive. 

Superb handling characteristics: The Yokohama Advan V802 tyres have a W-shaped multi-directional tread pattern, which maximises handling characteristics. The large tread blocks confer maximum cornering stability and the wide central rib makes sure that stability is maintained at all speeds. So whatever the terrain you are traversing and however fast you go, your control on the vehicle remains intact.
Increased safety on wet surfaces: To maximise safety on wet surface, the Yokohama Advan V802 tyres’ tread design exhibits wide grooves that effectively channel water away from the tread surface. This reduces the risk of aquaplaning and minimises chances of skidding on wet and slippery roads.
Greater grip and traction: The combination of silica and rubber in the tread compound increases grip and traction offered by the Yokohama Advan V802 tyres. As a result, braking responsiveness is more precise leading to reduced stopping distances.
Reduced tyre noise: The last thing you need, accompanying you on your drive is an irritating tyre noise. With the use of variable 5 pitch tread design, the Yokohama Advan V802 tyres produce very low noise that makes for a quiet and comfortable drive.

The Yokohama Advan V802 tyres are part of Yokohama’s high performance Advan brand series. This range also includes the popular Yokohama Advan Sport tyres suitable for high performance sports cars and luxury saloons. With high profile SUVs, often there are several elements that may hold you back in your driving. Perhaps, you are unsure of steering responsiveness or safety on wet surfaces or the ability of the tyres to stop quickly when brakes are applied.. With the Yokohama Advan V802 tyres, all these issues are expertly taken care of, setting you completely free to enjoy your SUV’s performance to its fullest potential.

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305 35 23 111W W
Steve Sowerby - 18th March, 2011

I've only marked down the tread v miles as I've only driven 5000 miles on them so its hard to tell.
10 out of 10

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