Manufacturer: Yokohama
Tyre: Yokohama AC01 CDRIVE


The Yokohama AC01-CDrive tyres are one of the best options if you are looking for a ride experience that perfectly balances comfort and performance. These tyres, brought to you by Japanese tyre manufacturer Yokohama Tyres, are designed to deliver a sportier performance, while reducing tyre noise levels. The Yokohama AC01-CDrive tyres are suitable for small compact cars and family saloons. Of course, the Yokohama tyre range is wide and includes tyres in the ultra high performance category too. One of the company’s most popular tyres in this category are the Yokohama A11A tyres, suitable for performance oriented sports cars and sporty saloons.

Fantastic Handling Characteristics:The Yokohama AC01-CDrive tyres are known for providing exceptional handling characteristics, making them one of the safest tyres, particularly during emergency swerves. The asymmetrical tread pattern of these tyres comprises wide rigid tread blocks on the outer tyre shoulder. These blocks put more rubber in contact with the road on dry surfaces, improving handling performance and cornering stability significantly.
Superior Wet Performance: Equipped with four deep and wide circumferential grooves as part of the asymmetric tread pattern, the Yokohama AC01-CDrive tyres offer superior aquaplaning resistance on wet surface. The grooves rapidly evacuate water from the tread area, increasing the contact patch and keep your car firmly on the road during the heaviest of downpours.
Braking Responsiveness: The new silica based tread compound of the Yokohama AC01-Cdrive tyres has inherent high grip properties, which maximises grip and stability on wet and dry surfaces. This increases the traction and braking responsiveness, reducing stopping distances significantly. Thus the safety of your drive further increases.
Improved Ride Comfort: The central portion of the tread exhibits a continuous rib design. This contributes to absorbing the ride vibrations and results in an extremely smooth and comfortable ride. The incorporation of Yokohama’s dB decibel technology into the design of the Yokohama AC01-CDrive tyres ensures that tyre noises of opposing frequencies are generated, which eventually cancel each other out. The result is a quiet ride that further enhances the ride comfort.

Thus it appears that the Yokohama AC01-CDrive tyres score on all desirable parameters in a tyre – handling, comfort, safety and low noise.

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235 50 18 97V V
235 50 18 97V V

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