Manufacturer: Westlake
Tyre: Westlake RVH680


Nowadays driving is a necessity, not a luxury. As you get to work everyday, manage your shopping, drop and pick up kids and of course the occasional family outing, you are rarely separated from you car. And technically, the most important part of your car that actually makes it ‘go’ is the tyre. So naturally you want tyres for your passenger car that ensure that your drive is safe, smooth and comfortable. In that case, look no further than the Westlake RVH680 tyres, for they deliver on all performance parameters that you have ever wished for in your tyres.

Improved Safety: The Westlake RVH680 tyres have a symmetrical tread with a network of sipes on the tread area. The sipes grip effectively on all surfaces, increasing the traction levels and enhancing the braking responsiveness. Besides, the presence of circumferential grooves increases the rate of deflection of water from the tread surface. So even when you unexpectedly come across puddles, your safety remains uncompromised as the resistance to aquaplaning is very high.
Maximum Control: The Westlake RVH680 tyres have a long solid central rib, which contributes significantly to stability at all speeds. The steering responsiveness is high. And your control on the car remains maximum at all times. Thus your driving confidence increases and you experience an exhilarating drive.
Reduced Noise Levels: Westlake Tyres use a special technology called multi-pitch sequencing to keep the noise generated by the Westlake RVH680 tyres to a minimum. Multi-pitch sequencing means that noises of opposing sound frequencies are generated, which cancel each other out, enabling you to ride in relative peace and quiet.
Smooth Ride: The unique tread pattern and the tread compound of the Westlake RVH680 tyres make for very effective shock absorbers, allowing you to have a smooth and vibration-free ride.

The Westlake RVH680 tyres come to you from Westlake Tyres, a China based tyre conglomerate and a player in the global tyre market for more than 50 years. Having a presence in all major tyre sectors like minivan tyres, tyres for trailers and trucks and heavy commercial tyres, it is hardly surprising that the company’s offering for the passenger car category – the Westlake RVH680 tyres- are amongst the best in the category. Other best selling car tyres from the company are the Westlake SP06 tyres.

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