Manufacturer: Pirelli
Tyre: Pirelli P7


Asymmetrical tread pattern on the Pirelli P7 tyres ensures exceptional handling characteristics on wet and dry surfaces. The tyre supports rapid direction changes with easier manoeuvrability. Wide compact shoulder blocks ensure even contact with road surfaces enhancing steering responsiveness and braking responsiveness.. The tread pattern is optimised for minimum wear and tear on the tyre, extending tyre life significantly.

The advanced tread pattern of the Pirelli P7 tyres provides maximum stability during wet and dry driving. The tread pattern also ensures high-speed tactile handling with an extended tyre life for maximum effectiveness. These are high value for money tyres.

Superior grip and technical brilliance make the Pirelli P7 tyres unique



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Width Profile Wheel Size Load Index Speed Rating Order Now
225 45 17 91W W
215 45 16 86H H
225 55 16 95W W
225 45 17 91V V
235 45 17 94W W
225 55 17 97W W
225 50 16 92V V
225 55 16 95V V
225 50 16 92W W
245 40 18 93Y Y
225 60 18 100W W
Paul McIntosh - 12th November, 2015

Fantastic grip wet or dry accelerate around corners with total confidence. Great grip when braking in the wet ,truelly a great tyre . I will defo be buying again when I need them and buy from tyre shopper Great tyre and great service
10 out of 10

- 26th January, 2012

absolutely hopeless in snow but it is a mercedes so may be that explains it
5 out of 10

Charles Delaney - 30th September, 2010

I have used Pirelli tyres on most of my vehicles over some 45 years and have always been impressed by the resistance to wear and the grip they have provided.
10 out of 10

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