Manufacturer: Pirelli
Tyre: Pirelli P3000


The Pirelli P3000 tyres are tyres for small to medium cars in the T speed index category (vehicles capable of maximum speed of 190kmp). With the Pirelli P3000 tyres, Italian tyre conglomerate Pirelli Tyres has launched a new concept called ‘energy’ tyres. These are ‘high energy’ tyres, which reduce rolling resistance and improve fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Thus energy meets efficiency in the Pirelli P3000 tyres. As a vehicle owner, you want tyres that offer you maximum performance levels and safety. And once these basic parameters are satisfied, you would like your tyres to enhance fuel efficiency, so your mileage increases and fuel costs are reduced. Traditionally tyre technologies that lower rolling resistance to improve fuel economy compromise the handling characteristics of the tyres.

The significance of the Pirelli P3000 tyres is that they use innovative new age technology that brings together a combination of fuel efficiency as well as high levels of performance and safety. Another example of fuel efficient green performance tyres from the Pirelli range are the Pirelli Cinturato P6 tyres, also suited for small to medium cars.

Fuel efficiency: The tyres use an innovative combination compound comprising silica and carbon black, which has inherent low rolling resistance properties. This contributes directly to improved fuel efficiency. Also elements used in tyre construction result in a light weight tyre that rolls easily offering less resistance, which further maximises fuel efficiency.
Enhanced performance parameters: The Pirelli P3000 tyres have a symmetrical tread pattern with just the right balance of solids and voids, resulting in enhanced performance on both wet and dry surface. The solids are represented by the compact tread blocks on the tyre’s outer shoulder. The voids are represented by the two broad circumferential channels that enhance wet performance and the central rib that contributes to enhancing stability at high speeds.
Greater safety features: The tread pattern of the Pirelli P3000 tyres comprises wave shaped sipes that dig into the surface, enhancing grip on all surfaces. This results in improved braking responsiveness and thus greater safety.

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