Manufacturer: Goodyear
Tyre: Goodyear GT3


The Goodyear GT3, with BioTRED technology, will revolutionise the industry with its impact on our environment and safety. Goodyear´s BioTRED technology partly replaces oil derivatives and silica in the tread compound with a new ingredient derived from cornstarch, which impacts on the environment at three levels:. Environment – corn plants absorb CO2 to release O2 in the atmosphere. Production: requires less energy to produce, reducing CO2 emissions. End user: requires less energy to move the car, providing up to 5% savings in fuel consumption.. This makes the GT3 a true environmentally friendly tyre. In addition, Goodyear´s 3D-BIS technology in the centre rib blocks delivers new benchmarks in wet traction and braking.

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185 65 15 88T T
- 1st June, 2012

The tyres were an excellent choice, they are super quiet and relatively economical. The tread is good too I have travelled quite a around 8000 miles and they still look new, superb!
10 out of 10

J Nichols - 17th May, 2012

Very good value.
10 out of 10

Kai - 14th April, 2012

The tyres themselves are excellent despite being on poor handling vehicle.
10 out of 10

a kemp - 2nd March, 2012

the only tyre i have ever used that had even wear over the entire tyre and that was on all 4 tyres!!!
10 out of 10

PETER STYAFFORD - 20th February, 2012

EXCELLENT VALUE FOR MONEY. I will certainly recommend you to all my friends
10 out of 10

A Waterworth - 26th January, 2012

same fitted all wheels two replaced
8 out of 10

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