Manufacturer: Dunlop
Tyre: Dunlop SP8070


The new Dunlop SP 8070 Summer tyre features: The new rubber polymer technology and radical new approach to the draft tread guarantees reduced aquaplanning on wet and dry surfaces, increases stability, reduces the braking distance, reduces fuel consumption.  The Dunlop SP8070 is a High Performance motoring tyre that offers resistance to aquaplaning at high speed. The tread compound provides superb wet grip, good tread life and Exceptional handling.

  • Resistance to aquaplaning at high speed
  • Silica tread compound
  • Superb wet grip, good tread life
  • Very low profiles
  • Exceptional handling
  • Quality and performance assurance.
  • Speed Index: VR, WR, ZR
  • Available Series: 40, 45, 50
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