Manufacturer: Dunlop
Tyre: Dunlop SP MAXX MFS


The Dunlop SP Maxx MFS tyres from Dunlop Tyres are ultra-high performance tyres specifically developed to support the performance of sports cars, performance oriented coupes and luxury performance saloons. The Dunlop SP Maxx MFS tyres are incorporated with Dunlop’s patented MFS technology. MFS stands for Maximum Flange Shield and is a rim flange protection system. This system includes an additional rubber profile that runs along the circumference of the tyre, in the lower portion of the sidewall, just above the wheel flange. This offers extra protection to expensive alloys from accidental kerbing damage. Thus the MFS feature reduces to that extent the costs of tyre maintenance. The Dunlop tyres with MFS technology display the MFS marking on the tyre sidewall.

Excellent performance levels: The Dunlop SP Maxx MFS tyres are associated with delivering an exhilarating ride performance on dry with a reassuring performance on wet surface too. The tyres incorporate Dunlop’s Multi Radius Tread (MRT) technology that enhances control during high speed cornering as well as improves handling characteristics and control on wet surface significantly.
Improved tyre longevity: The silica reinforced and highly structured tread compound of the Dunlop SP Maxx MFS tyres is highly wear resistant and offers excellent traction. So braking & acceleration responsiveness are maximised ensuring that the ride is safe as well as exhilarating at the same time.
Tread Pattern: The tyres exhibit a unique directional tread pattern with large independent shoulder blocks that maximise grip on dry roads. Hydro-paddle ribs make wet navigation more stable under high speeds. Water drainage is efficient reducing the risk of aquaplaning and loss of control on wet.The internal tyre structure is reinforced with twin steel belts and Joint Less Band (JLB) technology, which enables high speed capability in conjunction with enhanced ride quality.

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215 45 16 86V V

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