Manufacturer: Continental
Tyre: Continental Premium Contact 2 E


The Continental Premium Contact 2 tyres are premium summer tyres suited for mid-sized and executive class vehicles. The tyres deliver high levels of safety on both wet and dry road surfaces. The winning combination of performance, safety and lower fuel economy make these tyres an excellent value for money proposition.

Exceptional overall stability: The innovative design technology incorporates 3D grooves on the asymmetric tread pattern. These 3D grooves are responsible for improving the overall stability of the vehicle, ensuring maximum comfort and safety when driving.
Improved braking responsiveness: Due to the asymmetric tread pattern, the outer shoulder of the tyres has compact, rigid tread blocks. Complemented by the shallow tread grooves, these blocks show exceptional grip and traction on dry surface, which results in reduced braking distances.
Enhanced safety on wet surfaces: The steep side of the 3D grooves towards the inner shoulder of the tread enables maximum clearance of surface water. This improves braking responsiveness on wet road surfaces as well as reducing the risk of aquaplaning.
Excellent steering responsiveness: The circumferential tread in the centre of the tyre is rigid and stiff. This contributes positively towards the handling and steering responsiveness through its excellent grip levels. You can be assured of excellent handling capabilities when driving, no matter the weather conditions.

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Width Profile Wheel Size Load Index Speed Rating Order Now
155 70 14 77T T
185 55 16 83H H
245 55 17 102W W
Andrew - 16th December, 2015

Bit early to make sensible judgments about tread wear or quality / price
7 out of 10

Lane - 24th October, 2015

Average tyre, but increased road noise.
6 out of 10

John Pugh - 13th September, 2015

Continental are one of the top tier of tyres you pay more but are rewarded with outstanding safety. Budget tyres such as Federal are not much use in the wet all tyres perform well in the dry Continental perform well in all conditions.
10 out of 10

Ian Cross - 20th February, 2014

I have not really thought about all this before so my response may seem fairly general.
10 out of 10

s ramsey - 4th July, 2012

I shall be replacing my rear tyres this coming year with the same tyre
10 out of 10

keith - 13th January, 2012

very poor milage from these tyres i do local + motorway and check tyres weekly always keep the presure correct and under 9000 miles to 3mm is poor wont replace these with the same tyre
1 out of 10

Ian McQueen - 8th January, 2012

Buying from tyre shopper was a nightmare! tyre shopper told me the tyres were in, drove down 30 miles to get them and then told, No they are not in by the garage. Then drove home, got in the house garage rang me up and said your tyres are in!! what a nightmare and additional cost for me in fuel!
9 out of 10

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