Bridgestone T001


Manufacturer: Bridgestone
Tyre: Bridgestone T001
Speed Rating: H
Load Index: 91H

Manufacturer's Description:

The Bridgestone T001 tyre is a summer tyre which offers excellent all round performance. The Bridgestone T001 tyres perform exceptionally well in the following areas of performance, safety, and comfort.  Fuel efficiency is improved which leads to cost benefits due to the reduced irregular wear characteristics of the tyre.

Excellent handling characteristics: The Bridgestone T001 tyres exhibit an advanced tread design that maximises handling characteristics on wet and dry surfaces. The innovative tread compound ensures greater stiffness to the shoulder blocks. This enhances the contact patch which results in even and more precise handling.
Improved fuel efficiency: The NanoPro-Tec technology used by Bridgestone reduces friction between the carbon molecules in the tread compound. This results in the rolling resistance being reduced. Overall, this results in improved fuel efficiency, making these tyres an excellent value for money proposition.
Fantastic safety levels: The Bridgestone T001 tyre tread incorporates multiple ribs with wide grooves. These grooves efficiently evacuate water from the contact patch and reduce the risk of aquaplaning in wet conditions.
Improved ride quality: Comfort levels have been improved due to a reduction in noise levels. You can be assured of a comfortable driving experience, no matter how difficult the weather conditions or road surface.

Quantity Price Order
1 Tyre £51.49
2 Tyres £102.98
3 Tyres £154.47
4 Tyres £205.96
5 Tyres £257.45