Manufacturer: Bridgestone
Tyre: Bridgestone ER300 ECO ASY


The Bridgestone ER300-ECO-ASY tyres are summer touring tyres from the Bridgestone Tyres premium Turanza range. The name Bridgestone ER300-ECO-ASY indicates that these tyres are based on the company’s popular Bridgestone ER300 tyres. The term ECO refers to the use of Bridgestone’s innovative Ecopia tread compound that reduces rolling resistance and decreases carbon dioxide emission levels. The term ASY refers to the asymmetric tread pattern of the tyres which enables optimal combination of dry handling and wet performance. As a result, like the standard Bridgestone ER300 tyres, the Bridgestone ER300-ECO-ASY tyres offer the perfect balance between performance and comfort. In addition, these tyres also deliver the benefit of fuel efficiency and environment friendliness due to reduced levels of carbon dioxide emissions. The Bridgestone ER300-ECO-ASY tyres are OE fitments for cars like the Vauxhall Astra, Volkswagen Passat, Audi A4, BMW 1 series and others.

Fuel efficiency: The innovative ‘Ecopia’ tread compound of the Bridgestone ER300-ECO-ASY tyres is fortified with NanoProTech technology, which reduces rolling resistance, leading to greater fuel efficiency. This translates into lower carbon dioxide emissions (the larger good) and fuel cost savings (your personal good).
Handling and steering responsiveness: The asymmetric tread pattern of the Bridgestone ER300-ECO-ASY tyres incorporate large rectangular tread blocks on the shoulder, which increase the road contact, resulting in improved handling characteristics. The inner tyre structure is strengthened by polyester plies and twin steel belts, which impart directional stability and also deliver more precise steering responsiveness.
Wet weather performance: Water evacuation tread blocks, part of the Bridgestone ER300-ECO-ASY tyres asymmetric tread design enhance traction and thus safety on wet surface. Evacuation of surface water reduces the risk of aquaplaning, keeping you safe on wet roads.
Tyre noise: The tyre tread is designed to enhance the tread block stiffness, which reduces the road noise produced by the Bridgestone ER300-ECO-ASY tyres. In fact the noise levels are reduced by 5 degrees to deliver a quiet and peaceful ride.
Ride comfort: The tyre structure and construction is optimised from within to deliver superior ride comfort at all times. This feature combined with reduced tyre noise and superior handling results in a truly comfortable ride experience.

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205 55 16 91W W
Simon Cooper - 11th September, 2012

10 out of 10

george laird - 18th February, 2012

Great product and price great service
10 out of 10

michaeldavies - 8th February, 2012

very good tyre for town and rural driving
10 out of 10

A Stead - 4th February, 2012

Front tyres managed 28k best tyres I have ever fitted, fitting on my daughters car
10 out of 10

Mr I Carey - 1st December, 2011

I am very happy with this brand against the more expensive barnds
10 out of 10

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