Manufacturer: Bridgestone
Tyre: Bridgestone D684


The Bridgestone D684 tyres are 4x4 tyres, part of Bridgestone’s high performance Dueler range. The Bridgestone Tyres Dueler range caters specifically to 4x4 vehicles and comprises three categories of tyres - HT (Highway Terrain), AT (All Terrain) and MT (Mud Terrain) tyres. The Bridgestone D684 tyres belong to the HT category. The tyres are thus best suited for the highways. Another popular tyre in the Dueler HT range is the Bridgestone D687 tyres. The Bridgestone D684 tyres are original equipment for a range of luxury SUVs including the Honda CRV, Suzuki Vitara and the Subaru Forester. It is well known that sedans deliver greater driving comfort and more precise handling than SUVs owing to their lower centre of gravity. According to Bridgestone, the Bridgestone D684 tyres tread pattern is designed in such a manner that it brings sedan like comfort and handling to SUVs. Additionally, the tyres also perform well on parameters of braking responsiveness, wet weather performance, and noise levels.

Handling:  The tyres incorporate a modern tread pattern that improves handling characteristics significantly. The tread profile exhibits rounded casing at the edges to fit over the rims perfectly. This makes the Bridgestone D684 tyres more resistant to distortion when negotiating corners at high speeds, conferring greater stability and superior control over the vehicle.
Braking responsiveness: The tyre shoulder tread blocks are optimised to improve traction and grip. Because of increased traction, the tyres offer exceptional braking responsiveness, producing reduced stopping distances and enhancing safety.
Wet weather performance: The modern tread design also enables superior wet weather performance by efficiently channelling water away from the contact patch. This removes the water from the under tread, reducing the chances of aquaplaning and thus eliminating the risk of skidding on wet roads.
Noise levels: SUVs are normally associated with high decibel tyre noise that can bring on a headache. Not so with the Bridgestone D684 tyres. The tread pattern is optimised to reduce noise levels so that you experience a quiet ride that obviously adds to the overall ride experience.

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195 80 15 94R R
Miss Carol Osborne - 13th April, 2012

All the staff at the fitting garage were very polite and friendly, fitted in no time at all.
10 out of 10

John Bramall - 13th March, 2012

It's the tyre specified for this model
6 out of 10

Valerie Sweeney - 2nd February, 2012

They are First Class got nearly 40000 miles out of them would recommend them to everyone that needs first class tyres
10 out of 10

John - 31st January, 2012

Had these tyres on a previous car. The grip was excellent nay outstanding but they only lasted 26000 miles. Maybe I drove too hard on the Bridgestones. I changed to Yokohama Geolanders and they lasted longer but they were not quite as grippy. So you have to decide what you want most - grip or longevity.
10 out of 10

W Jeffery - 5th January, 2012

Steering vibration at 50mph even after tyres were rebalanced a second time There was no vibration prior to new tyres being fitted
1 out of 10

Terry Martland - 6th November, 2011

Excellent in snow and ice when driving sensible.
10 out of 10

Derek Hoblyn - 5th June, 2011

I also use Bridgestone tyres on my bike which is a Kawasaki ZZR1400 capable of almost 200mph and, as with the car, I have total confidence in them.
10 out of 10

Lilian - 13th October, 2010

Very pleased, wear very well
10 out of 10

Phil Davy - 9th October, 2010

Find them noisier on motorways than previous tyres (Goodrich) even thogh they were 'mud & snow' spec. Maybe the difference between old and new tread depths?
9 out of 10

James Josling - 1st October, 2010

Bridgestone tyres have outlasted all other brands than I or family members have used on the CRV
10 out of 10

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