Manufacturer: Bridgestone
Tyre: Bridgestone D-Sport H/T


Bridgestone Tyres , one of the leading tyre manufacturers in the world, strives to offer tyres for all vehicles and all driving conditions. The Bridgestone Dueler range has been developed specifically for 4x4 vehicles and comprises tyres suited for on road and off road purposes. The Bridgestone D Sport HT tyres belong to this range and are on road tyres best suited for light trucks and luxury SUVs. The tyres deliver the best performance on highways, as is indicated by the term HT in the name, which stands for ‘Highway Terrain’. The focus of Bridgestone Tyres has always been to provide maximum variations of any particular tyre model, so that it can be used by maximum customers with varied needs. The Bridgestone D Sport HT tyres are no different. Besides the standard tyres, the Bridgestone D Sport XL tyres are available for ‘extra load’ requirements. Customers also have the option of choosing the Bridgestone D Sport run flat tyres for greater convenience.

Handling characteristics: The tyre shoulder comprises larger tread blocks with a reinforced sidewall design for improved traction and better steering responsiveness. So you can expect excellent highway handling and predictable performance.
Wet weather performance: The central tyre tread comprises three wide circumferential grooves that help siphon off water from the surface and reduce the risk of aquaplaning. The tread design also uses high end computer software to break up the tread around the grooves into smaller tread blocks. This helps to improve traction on wet surface, thereby ensuring superior performance when you come across those unexpected puddles on the road. In addition the tread profile of the Bridgestone D Sport HT tyres is slightly rounded at the edges to fit snugly on to the rims to deliver a smooth riding experience at all times.

The tyre design features needed to deliver a smooth and comfortable driving experience on highways differs significantly from features needed in all terrain (or off road) tyres. Hence tyres such as the Bridgestone D Sport HT tyres are developed exclusively for highway usage. On the highways, it is all about increasing the rubber in contact with the surface so that you get predictable handling and good wet weather performance. The Bridgestone D Sport HT tyres tread design has been developed precisely to achieve these effects.

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Width Profile Wheel Size Load Index Speed Rating Order Now
215 65 16 98H H
235 65 17 104H H
225 50 17 94V V
235 65 17 108V V
255 55 18 109Y Y
245 70 17 110S S
235 55 19 101V V
265 50 19 110Y Y
275 45 20 110Y Y