Manufacturer: Barum
Tyre: Barum Bravuris XL


The Barum Bravuris XL Tyres – Affordability and High Performance Delivered for Heavier Cars

The Barum Bravuris tyres have been developed by Barum Tyres specifically for high performance driving. According to Barum’s official website, the Barum Bravuris tyres are suitable for “larger and higher performance cars”.

And in cases, where such “higher and larger performance cars” are heavier (than normal) or expected to carry heavier loads than standard, the appropriate choice is the Barum Bravuris XL tyres.

The Barum Bravuris XL tyres are the “Xtra Load” or reinforced version of the standard tyres.

The Need for Barum Bravuris XL Tyres

Barum Bravuris XL tyres offer the same level of performance as the standard tyres, but are preferable in situations, where the vehicles are heavier and/or are carrying heavy loads.

So if you want to replace the tyres on your performance car that is now going to be used for load intensive applications (like carrying more people regularly or carrying excess luggage) you can opt for the Barum Bravuris XL tyres. This keeps the costs low, as there is no need for expensive alloy replacements.

Barum Bravuris XL Tyres – ‘No-Nonsense’ Performance

The Barum Bravuris XL tyres focus on delivering high levels of performance while adhering to established safety and reliability standards. In fact in some of the tyre tests conducted by independent bodies, the Barum Bravuris XL tyres scored just as well (and in some cases even slightly better) than more expensive tyres on various critical performance parameters.

Barum Bravuris XL Tyres – A Brief Overview of Performance

  • Handling Characteristics and Steering Responsiveness

The asymmetric tread pattern of the Barum Bravuris XL tyres improves handling characteristics and enhances steering responsiveness. Negotiating treacherous turns is a cinch as the car moves swiftly and smoothly under your control, enhancing your confidence and comfort levels.

  • Performance on Wet Surface

The unique tyre tread pattern enhances wet grip, improving traction on wet surface. As a result, braking responsiveness is high and the tyres exhibit significantly reduced stopping distances on application of brakes.

  • Improved Stability

Because of enhanced grip and superior handling, the Barum Bravuris XL tyres maintain stability of the vehicle at all speeds and surfaces. This contributes to control, confidence and comfort, enhancing the overall ride experience.

  • Grip

The Barum Bravuris XL tyres offer good grip on wet and dry surface.

  • Value for Money

Some of the performance characteristics associated with high end expensive tyres are available at affordable prices in the Barum Bravuris XL tyres.

Benefits of the Barum Barvuris XL Tyres

  • A highly affordable tyre that does not compromise on any aspect of safety and performance.
  • Available in a range of sizes (14-18 inch fitments and 35mm-65mm profile heights) so that you can find one suited for your car and reap the rich benefits.
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Jim Sloan - 12th September, 2012

Car appears to be running smoother than with previous tyres fitted and does not have much road noise
9 out of 10

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