Manufacturer: Avon
Tyre: Avon ZX7


The Avon ZX7 tyres are quality tyres suited for sport utility vehicles. The Avon ZX7 tyres offer excellent performance across all areas, allowing for the perfect combination between ultra-high performance and fantastic levels of safety.

Outstanding steering responsiveness: The grip levels of the Avon ZX7 tyres contribute to excellent handling capabilities. Due to this, you can be confident of maximum control and stability when driving in a variety of weather conditions.
Reduced risk of aquaplaning: The Avon ZX7 tyres features large grooves within the tyre tread. These circumferential grooves effectively remove surface water from the contact patch to reduce the risk of aquaplaning. Due to this important safety feature, you can feel comfortable driving in difficult wet conditions.
Minimised tyre noise: Comfort levels have been drastically increased due to a reduction in tyre noise levels. Due to the innovative tread design, this reduction in tyre noise heightens your level of comfort to ensure a smooth and comfortable driving experience.
Optimised rolling resistance: The Avon ZX7 tyres are an excellent value for money proposition due to reduced rolling resistance. This optimised rolling resistance results in an improved fuel economy. This ensures you get value for money due to the capability to drive for longer.


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Width Profile Wheel Size Load Index Speed Rating Order Now
235 60 16 100H H
215 65 16 98V V
215 65 16 98H H
215 60 17 96H H
225 65 17 102H H
235 65 17 104V V
235 55 18 100H H
275 55 17 109V V
235 55 17 99H H
265 65 17 112H H
235 60 18 103V V
235 55 18 100V V
235 55 17 99V V
255 50 19 103W W
225 60 18 100H H
235 60 18 103W W
255 65 17 110H H
285 45 19 107V V
285 45 19 111W W
235 55 19 101W W