Manufacturer: Avon
Tyre: Avon ZT5 XL


Benefits of Avon ZT5 XL Tyres

  • Best suited for higher load applications on regular everyday use cars
  • Ride comfort is exceptional due to improved handling characteristics and steering responsiveness
  • Safety is assured on all surfaces due to superior wet weather performance (reduced risk of skidding) and exceptional grip levels on wet as well as dry surface
  • Optinoise technology reduces external noise levels delivering a peaceful ride.
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Width Profile Wheel Size Load Index Speed Rating Order Now
175 65 14 86T T
165 70 14 85T T
195 65 15 95H H
175 70 14 88T T
195 65 15 95T T
185 65 15 92T T
185 60 15 88H H
205 55 16 94H H
205 60 15 95H H
JOHN OVETT - 6th April, 2016

This vehicle is only used on short local trips rural and town with very varied road conditions from flooded roads to mud conditions so a good overall performance is required. Tyre Shopper enables me to afford good premium tyres.
10 out of 10

Alan Moat - 8th January, 2016

I fit Avon tyres to every car I own as I am reassured by the performance I have experienced
10 out of 10

Alan Moat - 8th January, 2016

I fit Avon tyres to every car I own as I am reassured by the performance I have experienced
10 out of 10

B. Mallen - 7th December, 2015

Very impressed with these Avon tyres and they can be picked up at an extremely competitive price.
10 out of 10

- 18th October, 2015

Excellent tyres,price and service,OK you do not negotiate with a human being,but the service is good from the system and I always have my tyres fitted by the National Tyre Service option ,very professional
8 out of 10

chris maynard - 30th July, 2013

Noise level could well be road surface.Only noisy when window is open.I only changed one tyre but would get these again as the tread seems to have stayed "meaty".
10 out of 10

Angela - 20th April, 2012

As soon as the we drove the car away from the garage there was a noticeable improvement, very pleased with quality & I've felt happy driving the car in different conditions whilst being confident in the tyres ability.
10 out of 10

claire ashton - 28th March, 2012

my tyre of choice for my front taxi wheels .
10 out of 10

russell leitch - 6th March, 2012

As this is a taxi average tyres were lasting 9000-11000 miles...so far have done 15000with an estimated 3000-4000 miles left of wear....the best so far
10 out of 10

melfyn alford - 9th February, 2012

good value for money
2 out of 10

Roger Smith - 3rd February, 2012

Will buy again
9 out of 10

Irene - 17th January, 2012

a great price and service from tyre shopper.
10 out of 10

Mr M Stacey - 13th January, 2012

the company that fitted these tyres did not change old valves and replace with new, as i found this out at my MOT to be told they were all perished not happy by that.
8 out of 10

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Avon ZT5 XL Tyres –Your Best Choice when You Want Increased Load Capacity

The Avon ZT5 XL tyres are high performance car tyres manufactured by Avon Tyres and are best suited for heavier vehicles or vehicles that carry heavier loads in the course of regular usage.

The tyres are designed to produce superior wet weather performance and offer a comfortable ride with reduced noise levels.

The Avon ZT5 XL tyres are of course a reinforced version of the regular Avon ZT5 tyres. The latter are associated with lower load carrying capacity.

Differences between XL and SL (Standard Load) Tyres

The maximum load a tyre can carry depends on its size and the tyre pressure. Larger tyres and tyres that can be inflated to higher pressures can naturally support greater loads.

The Avon ZT5 (SL) and the Avon ZT5 XL tyres are of the same size, but their construction differs slightly, so that the latter can be inflated to higher pressures and thus can support greater loads as compared to the regular Avon ZT5 tyres.

In general for passenger tyres, SL tyres can be inflated to a maximum pressure of 35psi, while the XL tyres can support a maximum pressure of 41 psi and so maximum load carrying capacity varies. (These figures differ slightly with light truck tyres).

Avon ZT5 XL Tyres - Performance on Various Parameters

  • Handling Characteristics

The Avon ZT5 XL tyres incorporate a reinforced sidewall construction, which improves the handling characteristics at heavier loads, giving greater stability and control during cornering. The standard tyres are associated with softer feel as compared to the XL tyres.

  • Wet Weather Performance

The Avon ZT5 XL tyres tread pattern incorporates 3 wide circumferential grooves, which effectively deflect water in the contact patch, ensuring that the risk of aquaplaning is greatly reduced. Thus you are assured of a safe drive on wet surfaces with minimal risk of skidding.

  • Grip

Because of the reinforced sidewall construction, the Avon ZT5 XL tyres are associated with maximised grip on wet and dry surfaces.

  • Noise Levels

Avon’s proprietary ‘Optinoise’ technology kicks in, minimising noise levels significantly. Noise is a significant factor while driving heavier vehicles and with the Avon ZT5 XL tyres, you are assured of a quiet and peaceful ride at all times.