Manufacturer: Avon


The Avon WV7 Snow tyres are suited for the winter tyre season. The Avon WV7 Snow tyres offer fantastic handling characteristics and are perfect for difficult winter conditions such as ice or snow. You can be guaranteed of maximum levels of safety with the Avon WV7 Snow tyres.

Reduced braking distances: Braking distances have been minimised due to the significantly improved grip levels. In either snow or ice, you can be confident of maximum stability and control.
Fantastic grip in wet conditions: The Avon WV7 tyres help greatly reduce the risk of aquaplaning in wet and difficult conditions. You can now be assured of a safe, smooth and comfortable drive, no matter how difficult the driving conditions may be.
Improved safety levels: In either snowy or icy conditions, there can be an increased risk of accidents due to the difficult driving conditions. Due to the superior grip levels of the Avon WV7 Snow tyres, you can be assured of maximum safety and stability.
Excellent value for money proposition: Rolling resistance has been optimised to ensure these tyres are excellent value for money. Due to the reduced rolling resistance, you will have the ability to drive for an increased number of miles due to improved fuel efficiency.

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Width Profile Wheel Size Load Index Speed Rating Order Now
195 50 15 82H H
195 65 15 91H H
205 55 16 91H H
195 55 15 85H H
195 55 16 87H H
205 65 15 94H H
225 45 17 91H H
235 45 17 94H H
225 60 16 98H H
215 55 16 93H H
215 60 16 99H H
225 55 17 97H H
215 55 17 98V V