Manufacturer: Avon
Tyre: Avon Ranger TSE


Avon Tyres is one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world and manufactures tyres for diverse applications. An example of the diverse product portfolio of Avon tyres is the Avon Ranger TSE tyres, which are premium 4x4 tyres. Categorised as light truck tyres, these are suitable for high performance SUVs as well as 4x4 pick-up trucks. Unlike the Avon Ranger 65 tyres, which are mainly intended for on-road usage, the Avon Ranger TSE tyres have a higher degree of off-road suitability. According to Avon, the suitability of the Avon Ranger TSE tyres is 30% for off-road and 70% for on-road usage. (For the Avon Ranger 65 tyres, the figures are 15% off-road and 85% on-road).

The USP of the Avon Ranger TSE tyres is its ability to provide excellent ride quality combined with very predictable handling characteristics. The tyres also offer very good road holding in both wet and dry conditions and also minimise tyre noise significantly. If your image of an SUV drive is noisy, bumpy and overall not very satisfactory, rest assured this image will change when you change over to the Avon Ranger TSE tyres.

Handling Characteristics: The Avon Ranger TSE tyres offer improved handling and steering responsiveness at all speeds and surfaces, enabling high confidence, particularly while negotiating turns. You will appreciate that this is important for heavy SUVs and pick-up trucks, for which these tyres are recommended.
Traction: The Avon Ranger TSE tyres tread design ensures excellent grip and traction on wet and dry surface. This is made possible by the presence of multiple sipes on the individual tread blocks that provide additional grip on a range of surfaces. Hence the tyres are all-rounders, providing maximum performance throughout the year.
Performance on Wet Surface: The Avon Ranger TSE tread pattern incorporates wide circumferential grooves. These grooves displace water (and to a certain extent slush and other materials) from the under tread so that the tyres can proceed ahead smoothly without any danger of aquaplaning.
Noise Levels: The Avon Ranger TSE tyres are one of the quietest in the category. Avon’s proprietary ‘Optinoise’ technology incorporates features of pitch-sequencing in the tread pattern to minimise noise levels, giving you a quiet and comfortable ride.

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10huggy01 - 28th June, 2012

Excellent handling in the wet and dry. Very good in 3"+ MUD and moderate off road use. Towing was a pleasure on 2"+ SNOW and on ICE. Very good wear Well over 30,000 miles on this set. Already bought the Ranger 65s to replace the TSEs
10 out of 10

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