Manufacturer: Avon
Tyre: Avon Ranger AT


With a 50:50 split between its on and off road performance, the Ranger A-T truly is an 'All-Terrain' tyre. Its tread features very aggressively profiled tread blocks with bold cutting edges and sufficient width in its grooves that it strongly resists getting clogged up with mud, and when it does can swiftly 'self-clean'. The tread blocks are also heavily siped - in off-road conditions this allows a degree of movement in the blocks that again helps them to clear away mud from the tread, aiding traction. On-road these sipes aid the Ranger A-T's wet weather performance, as does its special rubber compound. Meanwhile its carcass construction is designed to create a very flat contact patch for even wear qualities.

In some sizes the Ranger A-T is available with white outline lettering on its sidewall, and there are also some fitments for light trucks. 

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Width Profile Wheel Size Load Index Speed Rating Order Now
195 80 15 96T T
195 80 15 96H H
205 80 16 104T T
215 80 15 102T T
Anthony STEVENS - 10th December, 2015

Fitted to a twenty year old Land Rover. I will buy then again.
10 out of 10

Kenneth Stewart - 29th October, 2015

Thought I was buying British. Surprised to find out they are made in China.
8 out of 10

John Pate - 23rd September, 2011

I use my car for touring with caravan, it's behaviour on grass / fields is superb the grip on off road conditions meets more than my expectations. I have tried other tyres and have come back to Avon Ranger
10 out of 10

Deena Goad - 30th September, 2010

I really like the fact that they are suitable for on and off road which makes them far more versatile for our use.
10 out of 10

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