Manufacturer: Yokohama
Tyre: Yokohama S Drive


If you’re looking for smooth handling with flawless control, the Yokohama S-Drive tyre is best suited for you. Manufactured by the Japanese company Yokohama Tyres, these tyres shine just like the “Land of the Rising Sun” they are developed in. Yokohama Tyres is one of the leading global tyre manufacturers and the company is reputed for raising the bar with each innovative tyre it develops. The Yokohama S-Drive tyres are no different. If what you want is an enhanced, spirited driving experience, look no further than the Yokohama S-Drive tyres.

With performance that is nothing less than extraordinary, these tyres are the perfect fit for a broad range of sports cars and passenger saloons. Inspired by the latest technology in the tyre manufacturing industry, the Yokohama S-Drive tyre delivers superior handling and grip. This summer tyre offers impeccable control to the driver making it a super performer built for power packed rides. If you can’t wait to hit the road with a newly purchased set of the Yokohama S-Drive tyres, you can buy them quickly and easily online at Tyre-Shopper at
the very best prices. The tyre’s multi-dimension tread design offers the driver superb grip on wet and dry surfaces. It is technologically induced to offer impeccable control as compared to any other tyre in the same category. Solid central rib minimises tyre noise and delivers a quiet, comfortable ride. Traction-variable angled tread grooves maximise contact at all times, enhancing cornering stability significantly.

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195 45 15 78W W
175 50 16 77T T
william mcguire - 24th June, 2012

These new (and fairly expensive) tyres were fitted with the old valves, yet I was charged for the fitting of new valves. I know this because I was driving though Spain and developed a loss of air in the front passenger side tyre. When the mechanic removed it, he showed the valve to me and it was completely corroded. I was totally unimpressed by this poor quality service by the Kirkintilloch branch and it caused me major inconvenience. There is really no excuse for this poor level of service. Your comments on this would be appreciated.
10 out of 10

Phil Riches - 29th November, 2010

The Yoko's seem to tramline a bit more than the goodyears did, which on Birminghams roads can be a bit disconcerting. High speed stability seems very good, and I've only noticed a little squirming under acceleration. As the only current alternative to the goodyears, it isn't like there's a lot of choice.
9 out of 10

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