Manufacturer: Yokohama
Tyre: Yokohama AC02 CDRIVE 2 XL


Yokohama AC02 CDrive2 XL Tyres – High on Performance and Safety with High Loads

Load reinforced tyres are specified for usage on heavier vehicles or vehicles that regularly carry heavy loads. With heavy loads, it becomes all the more critical to retain balance and ensure higher levels of safety on wet surface.

The Yokohama AC02 CDrive2 XL tyres from Yokohama Tyres are just the perfect tyres for this purpose. Like the standard Yokohama AC02 CDrive2 tyres, these tyres are also suitable for hatchbacks, small to medium family saloons as well as performance oriented vehicles. But of course, the Yokohama AC02 CDrive2 XL tyres are recommended for load reinforced applications.

Unique Tread Compound of the Yokohama AC02 CDrive2 XL Tyres

In addition to standard rubber, the tread compound of the Yokohama AC02 CDrive2 XL tyres contains orange oil in precise concentrations along with fine particle silica of the highest quality levels. All the ingredients are precision-blended together to create a tread compound that has impressively low rolling resistance and exceptionally high wet grip properties. This achievement is no less than a breakthrough in tyre development technology as traditionally reduced rolling resistance has always been associated with decrease in wet grip properties.

In the Yokohama AC02 CDrive2 XL tyres, because of the presence of orange oil, the rubber compound does not go all hard on encountering wet and cold conditions, but retains its flexibility and grip well.

Thus with the Yokohama AC02 CDrive2 XL tyres, you are assured of both fuel efficiency and greater safety on wet surface.

Yokohama AC02 CDrive2 XL Tyres – Performance Features

  • High Resistance to Aquaplaning

4 wide circumferential grooves serve as efficient water evacuation channels, offering resistance to aquaplaning in the Yokohama AC02 CDrive2 XL tyres. Also additional spiral drain grooves are present, which drain the water into the main grooves and take the aquaplaning resistance level several notches higher. Thus with these tyres, the chances of loss of control on wet and slippery surfaces are significantly minimised.

  • More Precise Handling

With an uninterrupted continuous central rib on the tread surface, the Yokohama AC02 CDrive2 XL tyres offer exceptional levels of handling characteristics. The steering responsiveness is lightning quick, making it a pleasure to drive your car.

  • Enhanced Stability at High Speeds

High grip and high traction levels mean greater stability at high speeds. So even while cornering, you can be sure that you will have maximum control on your car.

Last but not the least, the Yokohama AC02 CDrive2 XL tyres deliver a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

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- 2nd June, 2012

i have just clocked up 20000 miles still 4m tread fantastic tyres...
10 out of 10

SJK - 11th July, 2011

These Yokohama's suit the Accord much better than Pirelli P6000, Toyo Proxes, Kuhmo, Dunlop (quietest tyres fitted). In the same league as Michelin which was fitted when I got the car, but 1/3rd the price. Too early to make a qualified comment on wear rate, but suspect it will be quite high (had Yokohama C-Drive (1) before). Very impressed with grip and how the car feels.
10 out of 10

Ian Ford - 7th July, 2011

Very happy with tyres .
10 out of 10

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