Manufacturer: Wanli
Tyre: Wanli S1063 Runflat


  • In situations of a flat tyre the Wanli S1063 Runflat tyres are a big blessing. Your car can travel several miles till you find yourself a professional mechanic or an appropriate area to disassemble the tyres and replace the flat one.
  • You can drive stress free as there is no fear of getting stranded far away from the ‘help zone’ when the tyre deflates.
  • The four circumferential grooves and three rows of tread materials in the Wanli S1063 Runflat tyres give a good wet grip to the tyres and make it ideal for use on wet roads during rains without the risk of skidding.
  • Summer and winter performances are both noteworthy in these tyres making them ideal for long touring drives.
  • The sturdy central tread blocks ensure safety and stability during braking and high speed driving, thus minimising the probability of an accident.

Wanli S1063 Runflat Tyres – The Best Back Up for Flat Tyres

The best of your planned trips could go berserk with an unanticipated flat tyre. And to make matters worse, you could be stuck at a place where there’s no hope of finding a mechanic. Do the options of waiting or replacing the tyre yourself sound too scary? Not to worry. Simply opt for the Wanli S1063 Runflat tyres, manufactured by Wanli Tyres

Wanli S1063 Runflat tyres USP

The USP of the Wanli S1063 Runflat tyres is their ability to support movement of the vehicle even when the tyre air pressure is low or close to zero. The other performance features of these tyres are similar to the standard Wanli S1063 tyres.

Special Features of the Wanli S1063 Runflat Tyres

a. Reinforced Sidewalls

The Wanli S1063 Runflat tyres have reinforced sidewalls coupled with extra tangential strengthening so that the tyre can retain its shape and form even in the absence of air pressure to handle the weight of the vehicle.

b. Heat Resistant Rubber

In the event of puncture, there is a considerable loss of air pressure, which raises friction and causes the tyre to get heated up. To combat this problem, heat resistant rubber is used in the construction of the Wanli S1063 Runflat tyres to minimise heat build up.

c. Design

The Wanli S1063 Runflat tyres are so designed that even in absence of air pressure inside the tyres, the tyre beads are kept in place on the wheel rim lip. The wheel rim well is physically blocked with a support rim to lend support to the flat tyre at the wheel rim. This arrangement makes sure that the tyre beads do not come off while the car is being driven or during turns with a punctured tyre.

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