Manufacturer: Wanli
Tyre: Wanli S1023 XL


  • Premium brand and budget brand – a two in one rare feature is a unique characteristic of the Wanli S1023 XL tyres.
  • Reduced rolling resistance makes it a fuel efficient tyre, saving fuel costs
  • Experience a vibration-free and comfortable drive.
  • The overall design is trendy and looks good.
  • Improved steering responsiveness enhances driving confidence and makes the drive more enjoyable.
  • Good wet and dry grip makes this tyre the best choice for monsoon or wet roads as well as long summer drives.

Wanli S1023 XL Tyres - As Smooth as a Ride Can Get

If humming your favourite song while going on a calm, smooth, long summer drive is something you cherish to the core, choosing the wrong tyre for your car could prove a big mistake. And particularly if you are driving heavy premium vehicles, or vehicles with heavier than normal loads, you need tyres that support you adequately, so that you can truly enjoy your drive. One of the best options for you in this case are the Wanli S1023 XL tyres.

The Wanli S1023 XL tyres are manufactured by Wanli Tyres, which is a brand under the house of South China Rubber and Tyre Co. Ltd. They are the largest exporters of radial tyres and have been well known in the industry since the last twenty years. The Wanli S1023 XL tyres are a modified, load reinforced version of the standard Wanli S1023 tyres, which are also a favourite buy for premium vehicles.

The Wanli S1023 XL tyres are most suitable for luxury sports cars and premium cars, but do not cause a ‘premium’ impact on your pocket as they are economically priced.

Special Features of the Wanli S1023 XL Tyres

a. Road Noise Handling

The Wanli S1023 XL tyres are best known for their admirable road noise handling characteristics that enable you to enjoy your quiet and calm drive.

b. Dry and Wet Grip

Never mind the wet roads anymore. Also you need not worry about skidding during the rains. In fact you can enjoy the romantic rains on a long drive with that someone special. The unique six uninterrupted straight grooves on the tread of the Wanli S1023 XL tyres enable water dispersal on wet roads and thus minimise the possibility of skidding.

c. Higher Shock Absorption and Lower Rolling Resistance

The Wanli S1023 XL tyres sport a trendy design with a unique bi arc-shaped pattern that minimises its rolling resistance and thus improves fuel efficiency. The tread design also enhances its shock absorbing capacity, making for a smooth and comfortable drive.

d. Tread Features

The flat and wide tread helps you gain maximum control while driving as the tyres obey your steering commands to the fullest. You can drive confidently and royally with the Wanli S1023 XL tyres.

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Anne Nicolson - 21st June, 2012

very happy
8 out of 10

John Kirk - 6th April, 2012

Fitter was very aggresive and did not like his attidue at all
10 out of 10

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