Manufacturer: Wanli
Tyre: Wanli S1015


Wanli S1015 Tyres are manufactured by Wanli Tyres – part of leading Chinese tyre manufacturer - South China Tire and Rubber Co. Ltd. Wanli Tyres manufactures quality tyres for passenger cars, light trucks, buses, mini vans and SUVs. It is popular as “China’s Top Brand” and is committed to developing finest quality Ultra High Performance tyres. Wanli S1015 Tyres are available in a range of sizes to suit a variety of vehicles. Its sporty tread facilitates supple moving performance and superb steering response. These budget tyres are a perfect value for money investment as they offer you maximum performance and safety at the most affordable prices. Comfortable ride plus satisfactory performance with the Wanli S1015 tyres. These are manufactured in several sizes to fit a variety of vehicle types. These tyres feature sporty tread patterns, imparting a stylish look. They offer exceptional steering performance and a supple ride due to their asymmetric tread pattern. These are quiet, safe and reliable tyres.

  • The Wanli S1015 tyres are chartbusters in longevity. If you want durable tyres, the Wanli S1015 tyres should be your choice.
  • Users say that the exceptional wear resistance of these tyres is a definite positive consideration in their buying decision.
  • Its admirable grip can be trusted to give you a disarming performance. Most importantly, these tyres are reliable and you feel safe while you drive.
  • The tyres are light on the pocket and give you good value for money. Don’t forget, this is high quality ‘budget’ brand.


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james bancroft - 17th October, 2015

Great for the price
10 out of 10

chris stephens couriers - 27th September, 2015

never use them again will stick to MITCHELIN I only used them because a mate recommended them sorry but rubbish thank you
1 out of 10

Colin - 21st September, 2012

Amazing value
9 out of 10

stewart - 7th October, 2011

Tyres were fitted to a caravan. The level of service I received at the depot was brilliant and I would certainly go back. Only done 214 miles on them with no complaints.
10 out of 10

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