Manufacturer: Uniroyal
Tyre: Uniroyal Rainexpert


  • Reduced risk of aquaplaning to improve confidence when driving on wet road surfaces
  • Maximum levels of safety due to reduced braking distances
  • Excellent value for money proposition due to extended tyre life
  • Improved steering and braking responsivness to ensure superior levels of control


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Width Profile Wheel Size Load Index Speed Rating Order Now
165 70 14 81T T
175 60 14 79H H
195 60 14 86H H
175 80 14 88H H
185 70 14 88H H
215 55 16 93V V
225 65 17 102H H
245 65 17 107H H
Chris Palmer - 13th September, 2012

Much better than the Hankook tyres fitted as orig.
10 out of 10

Andrew Day - 16th August, 2012

Suspect they may only last 20000 miles rather than the normal 30000 I get.
9 out of 10

Phil - 26th July, 2012

We've run these on all types of journey from local rural commutes to long motorway trips through all weathers over the past year and they've performed admirably. Excellent value for money.
10 out of 10

Ulrich Pelz - 10th June, 2012

Good tyre for a very reasonable price.Feels quite safe in wet weather under average driving style.
8 out of 10

Arthur Bradshaw - 17th May, 2012

Very Pleased
8 out of 10

RAY - 21st April, 2012

10 out of 10

hazza - 16th April, 2012

the TITS
10 out of 10

Karl - 5th March, 2012

Excellent tyres. Used for >6K miles now. Just buying some for another car. Decent in the dry (much better than budget brands), exceptional in the wet with superb resistance to aquaplaning, and just perfect for British 3-season use. Like *all* summer (what we in the UK call normal) tyres, they are not designed for ice and snow; in those circumstances, you should fit winter tyres! Good value and highly recommended.
10 out of 10

Bob - 5th March, 2012

I replaced all 4 of my tyres at the same time and immediately noticed a difference in the handling. previously I had a set of Toyo's and was more than happy with them but these Uniroyals seem to stick to the road much better especially on the wet and muddy B roads that I tend to use to drive to work and back. I have only driven about 2000 miles so cannot comment on wear but would be more than happy to recommend them if like me you live in the country and regularly use small, minor roads. They are really good in the wet but to be fair we haven't had the adverse weather that we had last year so I have not had to drive in the snow as yet.
10 out of 10

Jamie Dawson - 25th February, 2012

Brought tyres prior to driving to Glasgow for work related course(Dec). Drove down to glasgow in rain in which the tyres preformed well. However, when driving back was driving in snow on A941 when tyres lost traction with road on 90 degree right hand bend at 18mph causing 520 degree spin resulting in impact with embankment and write off of my car that I only owned for 50days. Would not recommend these tyres for customers driving in Scotland as they are leathal in Scottish weather conditions (snow, -1oC, 5mph wind).
1 out of 10

- 28th November, 2011

What a difference! Chaged from Toyo's and the effect was immediate, outstanding grip in wet and dry, streering improved and very hard wearing.
10 out of 10

Robert Greenhow - 30th September, 2010

I recently replaced my car with a later model which was fitted with mixed tyres. swapped the wheels and noticed a dramatic change.I regularly make a journey of just over 50 miles, which is half motorway, 10 miles of trunk road and 15 miles of country roads, and the Uniroyal tyres perform very well under wet or dry conditions, and feel hold the road and respond positively on motorways or twisty B roads.
10 out of 10

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