Manufacturer: Toyo
Tyre: Toyo R27


The Toyo R27 tyre is a high-performance tyre at an affordable price. You can be assured of maximum control when driving, no matter the road surface or weather conditions. Due to the optimised rolling resistance, you will also save money. Due to this, you will have the ability to travel for an increased number of miles before needing to change your tyre. The minimised rolling resistance also helps improve fuel efficiency.

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calvin - 9th September, 2014

These tyres come stock on my new mazda 2. Wanted to change them but was strongly advised by the sales guy not to bcs it is Japanese import and those tires are expensive to begin with. Before purchasing the car , of course test drove it and found everything related to the tires to be acceptable , except for the noise which I personally am very very sensitive to , and cannot apply broadly across all consumers. Damm solid tires. Road handling , grip, rolling , responsiveness and overall feel made driving very enjoyable. There are better tires out there to beat the R27 for noise, but they pale in other more important (safety) parameters like grip and responsiveness. And since R27 is a premium performance touring tire, thank god they came stock with the Mazda! Would I buy ? Hell no.... Too expensive for me (hey I bought the Mazda 2, ya . lol)
9 out of 10

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