Manufacturer: Rovelo
Tyre: ROVELO RPX-988


The Rovelo RPX-988 tyre ensures fantastic overall performance at an outstanding price. You can be assured of a reliable tyre which will save you money. You will gain cost savings due to the long life of the tyre as a result of the optimised rolling resistance. Tyre noise levels have been reduced in an attempt to ensure maximum driver comfort. The outstanding levels of grip contribute to optimum levels of performance on both dry and wet road surfaces.

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Width Profile Wheel Size Load Index Speed Rating Order Now
195 45 15 78V V
215 35 18 84W W
195 45 16 84V V
205 55 16 91W W
205 40 17 84W W
215 55 16 97W W
225 45 17 94W W
205 50 16 87W W
205 50 17 93W W
215 55 17 98W W
225 45 18 95W W
255 35 18 94W W
245 45 18 100W W
245 45 17 99Y Y
255 35 20 97W W
Carmelo martinez - 16th February, 2016

Very happy with the product , service and price
10 out of 10

SEPHEN REES - 11th January, 2016

I will definitely use you again and recommend to friends.
10 out of 10

M Phillips - 1st January, 2016

This is the forth time I have used this company although I have had different pairs of tyres they have never failed to impress. Excellent customer service and no quibble guarantees the free insurance gives you peace of mind. I have had punchers repaired and replace when a repair was not possible at no extra cost to myself, brilliant.
10 out of 10

Piotr - 17th December, 2015

There is no reason why you should spend fortune on tyres as all type of tyres even budget ones got safety EU certification and pass rigorous test. Brand manufacturers perception is to spend more to get better quality but if that would be true then budget tyres would not get safety marks and certification. Brand tyres have to cost more due to high ads expense on TV and radio. Prior my purchase I have done very extend research and found out only positives about this brand. Do not get blind by top brands as these days you have much wider range of choice.
10 out of 10

Ed - 15th November, 2015

I bought a full set of these, fitted at the same time. Rears are wearing well and will probably go another 20000 miles based on the tread wear so far (about 10000 miles). Fronts however will need changing in the next couple of weeks. Difficult to say if this is due to a tracking issue as they have worn unevenly and based on the inside edge would have gone another 10k or so if they had worn evenly. Overall not bad for a £45 tyre, fine on the midways but I'd be more than a little nervous going at speed on the B-Roads around the bends under braking!
7 out of 10

Jeff - 18th October, 2015

Very pleased.
10 out of 10

Artur - 3rd October, 2015

Really good tyres. For this price it's just amazing.
10 out of 10

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Grip in the Wet
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Cornering Stability
Resistance to Aquaplaning
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