Manufacturer: Pirelli
Tyre: Pirelli Scorpion STR


  • Ability to drive on and off-road
  • Enhanced handling characteristics improves manoeuvrability
  • All season tread obviates the need for constant tyre replacement when the seasons change
  • Assurance of a quiet and smooth drive 


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Width Profile Wheel Size Load Index Speed Rating Order Now
195 80 15 96T T
255 65 16 109H H
235 55 17 99H H
235 50 18 97H H
Brian Robertson - 20th September, 2012

your price and quality.
8 out of 10

Karl Coppard - 24th July, 2012

+70k achieved out of one set! Never ever achieved this out of a set of tyres and still got 2.5mm left, normally 20-25k out of a set of tyres. The only draw back is the noise from contact with the road, so put on the back after 10k, which is less wear I know, still did well though!
10 out of 10

A.C Grant - 13th June, 2012

Obtained 55,000 miles from last set of Pirell tyres and still had between 2mm & 3mm tread left on them. Very satisfied
10 out of 10

Neil - 22nd May, 2012

The original tyres where Dunlops SP200. I replaced the front set with the Scorpion STR at 20,000 and I'm just about to replace them againat 78,000 miles. So, just about 60,000 from the STRs. The Dunlops that are on the back are the original and will last for some tim eyet, but they're no good on the front
10 out of 10

- 1st May, 2012

I get approx 23-25000 mls from the front and change the back once to the fronts twice. Ive used theses tyres for 6 years been all over Britain, been across spain and travelled in France. They have never missed a beat.
10 out of 10

Jon C - 23rd March, 2011

These Mud and Snow tyres were faultless in the ice and snow that we experienced this Winter and meant that I was able to keep on motoring whatever the conditions. While they don't quite have the refinement of an out and out road tyre, the grip and handling are very good and they are nowhere near as noisy as a full time dirt tyre. Thoroughly recommended.
9 out of 10

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