New Radial

Manufacturer: New Radial
Tyre: New Radial Budget


  • Not available in all sizes and patterns
  • Tyres may vary in tread design
  • Tyres may vary in Manufacturer
  • Available Series: 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80
  • Speed Index: SR, TR, HR, VR, ZR , WR
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Width Profile Wheel Size Load Index Speed Rating Order Now
145 80 10 68T T
145 80 10 84N R
155 80 12 78R R
205 40 17 84V V
215 45 16 90V V
215 50 17 91V V
225 55 18 98V V
Stephen Guy - 20th February, 2014

Good price,quality budget tyres.
9 out of 10

J Sheard - 13th July, 2012

Very good value for money
10 out of 10

SCOTT MCNEIL - 19th June, 2012

Front tyre was losing air and I rang the branch who said it was probably a nail or something so this would not be looked at for free. I then took my car to my local garage who said the tyre was losing air as the tyre had not been fitted properly. where the weight was placed it was knocked in too hard and this was where the air was getting out. I had to pay £28 for them to do the repair for a job which your branch totally fobbed off as a nail and would be chargeable! I find this bad as if it had been a nail I would have paid happily but for your people not to even look at it was bad. I was also told at fitting that I needed a new tyre on the driver side rear and when I took my car for its MOT they said the tyre was fine and would last another good few thousand miles! I will not be using your company again. Scott McNeil
1 out of 10

Robert Partridge - 12th June, 2012

I normally drive a Maserati Gran Turismo S. The Volvo is my UK run around. The tyres are great and the whole car cost less to equip than one tyre on the Maserati.
9 out of 10

David Jackson - 18th April, 2012

Rotalla F105 tyres, proving to be excellent on my daily 110 mile commute over the Pennines. I am more cautious knowing I have budget tyres in bad weather, but I see that as a good thing. Would I buy Rotalla F105s again? I have, I fitted 4 to my second car last month
8 out of 10

Mr D Woodford - 28th March, 2012

These Tyres ROTALLA 95W XL 225 x 45W R18 appear to be excellent value, and I would at this moment use them again.
10 out of 10

Julie Greenacre - 22nd March, 2012

Difficult to tell as other tyres different brand
6 out of 10

Karl Hage - 7th March, 2012

Last time I ordered this type of tyre, the tread seem to last a little longer, on this occasion all four tyres seem to ware out very quickly. Perhaps balancing is required again ?
1 out of 10

James Murray - 29th February, 2012

These "Chinese" tyres may be wearing a wee bit more than dearer ones. But up to now, they seem to be OK. The fitting by National Tyres Inverness.also OK. They are quieter than the ones fitted before.
9 out of 10

Peter .C. Harper - 27th February, 2012

The Manager of Bedford Branch was absolutely brilliant during my hour of need, a fantastic ambassador for your company.
10 out of 10

A Powell - 7th January, 2012

Still really very early to be able to judge the wear versus mileage. Will only know when they wear out how well they have done. This won't happen as bought budget tyres as wasn't keeping the car long, as selling it, so didn't want to spend a lot .
7 out of 10

John Baker - 4th January, 2012

very good for the price and ride well
10 out of 10

BRYAN HODGES - 4th November, 2011

1 out of 10

E Armstrong - 10th October, 2011

Great Value
10 out of 10

Peter .C. Harper - 4th October, 2011

Fitted quickly, friendly staff.
8 out of 10

stephen price - 20th June, 2011

these tyres were bought out of being the cheapest available, although i can feel a slight bit of aquaplaning, the overall tyre is more that adequate for the money spent versus far more expensive tyres.
7 out of 10

steve - 19th June, 2011

Excellent all round.
10 out of 10

Miltos - 16th May, 2011

When ordering these tyres one does not know the brand and model that will be supplied. I was pleased to get Nankang tyres which is a major Chinese brand and fitted to many new cars in other countries and would have been my first choice for budget tyres. They say on the side Low Noise and indeed road noise is not intrusive at all. I like the ride and have no complaints about grip or handling. For the price I think they are great. What's more, one tyre got a large nail and had to be replaced. Luckily the same tyre was supplied to replace the damaged one so I still have 4 same tyres. Also, the insurance which was included with the tyres at no extra cost meant that I got the replacement with 80% discount due to little wear since it was only 2 months old. Overall very satisfied with product and service from local National Tyre which fitted both original tyres and replacement. I would recommend them without hesitation.
10 out of 10

Jeff Moon - 20th April, 2011

Good value for money
8 out of 10

John Rooney - 8th April, 2011

Can't really make a judgement yet with regards to tread wear, need to have driven a few more miles.
9 out of 10

d.kemal - 18th March, 2011

very satisfied with tyres they're excellent for the money
10 out of 10

tony - 8th March, 2011

good value and good service
1 out of 10

Tom - 8th March, 2011

For the price. Spot on. Tyres now outperform the brakes not the other way round.
10 out of 10

clive lloyd - 3rd March, 2011

good price on budget tyres
10 out of 10

David - 3rd February, 2011

for almost a third of the price of premium tyres for my car I cannot argue with the quality.
10 out of 10

mark parkinson - 31st January, 2011

value for money!
10 out of 10

Derek - 10th January, 2011

Best tyres for the price paid
10 out of 10

P KENNEDY - 24th November, 2010

I have noticed that every couple of weeks my front nearside tyre needs inflating the problem appears not to be a punture but leakage due to possibly a bad seal between tyre and rim does your guarantee include having the tyre refitted and solving the leak . Other than that i am perfectlt happy with the tyres and i would note that this is the second set of full tyres i have purchased from you .
10 out of 10

Mr B Cogger - 21st October, 2010

Very good budget tyre. Wouldn't think twice about coming back again in the future.
10 out of 10

PaulWatts - 5th October, 2010

though the tyers were really good value and i have recomended your sote to lots of people
10 out of 10

david bennett - 4th October, 2010

good tyres for a low price
10 out of 10

- 4th October, 2010

They are what they are cheap tyres, and have so far worn alright, though not brilliant in the wet.
7 out of 10

David Jackson - 3rd October, 2010

Not as good as a premium tyre in the wet, but they are a third of the price.
8 out of 10

Derek Bates - 1st October, 2010

Excellent tyres and look good. Already recommended to workmates
10 out of 10

T. FROST - 1st October, 2010

I am a Taxi Driver and always fit budget radial tyres to my Taxi, normally I would get about 20,000 miles on the front of my car but with these tyres I only managed to get 12,000 before they needed replacing. So I went back to my previous supplier
1 out of 10

A STRANGE - 1st October, 2010

10 out of 10

Ewa Klyszewska Daly - 1st October, 2010

I am very happy with the tyres and will use your service again, I have recommended you to my friends.
10 out of 10

MalcD - 1st October, 2010

Excellent value for money for low mileage town use. A little noisey, but these tyres were fitted as the original tyres on the car were 7 years old and whilst they had adequate tread depth, they were showing signs of wall deterioration due to age. If these new tyres last as well, they will represent really superb value.
7 out of 10

- 1st October, 2010

there ok for the money but not for the car, i get alot of understeer in the wet when compaired to the pirelli i had before them
3 out of 10

stephen - 1st October, 2010

Dad to change tyres as the worn out. Very disapointed with only 3 months wera out of them.
1 out of 10

Terry Lintonbon - 1st October, 2010

I seem to be getting a little less miles per gallon with these tyres, may be 2 less per gallon.
9 out of 10

Christopher White - 30th September, 2010

cheap prices for quality tyres
7 out of 10

A O'Donnell - 30th September, 2010

Very suprised at how good these tyres are for the money had them on nearly a year and they still look brand new
10 out of 10

Robert Bowen - 30th September, 2010

Great service easy to use and very good prices. Will be using again soon for a rear set. Would recommended to all to try.
10 out of 10

les graham - 30th September, 2010

great tyres at a great price
10 out of 10

Richard Moulton - 30th September, 2010

Fantastic value tyre,would use again and recommend to anyone
10 out of 10

william adjei - 30th September, 2010

on the whole i'm satisfied with the tyres and i'll not hesitate to recommend them.
9 out of 10

Roy Williams - 30th September, 2010

Recently changed my vehicle to a Kia Cee'd 1.6 Diesel SW and will be purchasing my new tyres from yourselves in the new year.
8 out of 10

alan capper - 30th September, 2010

Had to rotate tyres after 2 months a lot of wear i,ll be lucky to get 6-7 months out of them .I had my ballance looked at spot on and aline checked all fine the tryre is no good
1 out of 10

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