Manufacturer: Michelin
Tyre: Michelin Energy Saver


  • Improved levels of safety due to fantastic grip levels
  • Extended tyre longevity due to even wear characteristics of the tyre tread
  • Minimised risk of skidding or aquaplaning on wet surfaces
  • Reduced fuel consumption ensuring excellent value for money
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Width Profile Wheel Size Load Index Speed Rating Order Now
195 55 16 87H H
205 65 15 94T T
215 55 16 93V V
215 55 17 94H H
225 60 16 98V V
Raymond James Pengelly - 23rd September, 2012

On average we get 30,000 miles from this these tyres
10 out of 10

R N Coombs - 30th April, 2012

Fitted on the rear wheels (FWD Honda) the tyres wear exceptionally well, in fact they probably last at least four times as long as those fitted to the front wheels. Regarding pricing of these tyres, if bought on line from National Tyres they are considerably cheaper than ordering through the local outlet.
9 out of 10

linda marshall - 24th April, 2012

I've only had michelin tyres on my car from new and only purchased from Tyreshopper. My tyres are great and so is Tyreshopper. Thanks.
10 out of 10

T Giles - 6th April, 2012

Very good fuel saving tyre, not a performance tyre. A good family car tyre, very long lasting.
8 out of 10

G Martin - 14th March, 2012

Last set of tyres the same make (Michellin) did 47000 miles. Buying a quality tyre especially at your prices has proved excellent value.
10 out of 10

Ken Beckett - 13th March, 2012

I am confident with the safety and good wear of these tyres. These tyres replaced the originals that had been on the rear of my car for eight years and over 66,000 miles, which still had plenty of tread. I only replaced them should we have had poor road conditions this last winter. I will be replacing the front tyres for the second time prior to next winter, after about 38,000 miles
10 out of 10

mr m stickland - 9th March, 2012

worth the money
10 out of 10

Dave Glaze - 11th January, 2012

Just looking to change front tyres at 44k miles of motorway driving. Rear tyres are still good for another 5k or more.
9 out of 10

Duncan Phillips - 3rd January, 2012

Fantastic tyre... i use them everytime.. it would take a lot to convince me to change
10 out of 10

Mr Bruce Powell - 5th September, 2011

I have always tried to use Michelin Tyres. As they for me are the best value for mileage.
10 out of 10

Michael - 12th August, 2011

Initial MPG dropped for the first 600 miles, once you reach the 800miles you will see a slight MPG improvement. Time will tell on how hard wearing they are..
7 out of 10

Alan - 22nd July, 2011

My last tyres were fitted from new, same tyre, 33000 miles fitted on the front wheels.
10 out of 10

Mr Jo Burlison - 16th July, 2011

the type of car that it is tends to cause undue wear in front tyres. front wheel drive.
8 out of 10

Phil - 2nd June, 2011

These were the tyres on the car when new ( 2002 ) and have been excellent
10 out of 10

Mat - 9th May, 2011

these replaced standard OEM fit Dunlop SP10A on my Fabia Greenline 1.4TDi-DPF. At first the MPG went down, but after about 800 miles it started to increase again and now significantly shows increase in MPG when you drive the car in a conservative way. They have decreased the rolling resistance without a doubt. Around town urban driving now delivering 65mpg on average from a cold start. Longer runs 60-70mph for example I went to London a few weeks back delivered 90mpg.
10 out of 10

Gordon Milne - 27th April, 2011

One tyre lost 10lbs in a fortnight ???
8 out of 10

John Taylor - 2nd March, 2011

Does all I would expect
10 out of 10

mike tyson in glasgow - 10th February, 2011

michelin best tyres money can buy. very long lasting and look v good too.
10 out of 10

Richard Barcynski - 18th November, 2010

Have seen a definite saving on fuel consumption since fitting a full set of new Michelin Energy Savers of around 3 to 4 mpg compared to previous tyres fitted.
9 out of 10

Alan - 6th October, 2010

These are fitted to my wife's car which is the main family car - my driving style has mellowed over the years and certainly do not push it to the limits her sty;le of driving is probably even more conservative . I have used Michelin Energy Savers on previous cars and find the grip in all conditions to be more than adequate for my style of driving even on the rare occasions when pushing it a bit harder and I'd say that the handing qualities are more limited by the vehicle than the tyres, although the focus does seem to corner on rails! In the past I have found that the Michelin Energy Savers don't wear as quickly as some other premium brands and with a conservative style of driving do increase the mpg slightly.
8 out of 10

Duncan Phillips - 4th October, 2010

These tyres are wearing very well... so much better than the old Dunlop SP2000 that were originally on them
10 out of 10

Marcus North - 30th September, 2010

Since fitting these tyres to the front of the car, its felt like a new car.
10 out of 10

Paul owen - 30th September, 2010

Since the tyres were fitted I have experienced steering wheel wobble at high speeds and pull to left which wasn't present on previous tyres. Took back to fitting station but no problems were found. However, wobble and pull still exists
5 out of 10

Terry Hayes - 30th September, 2010

I would purchase these tyres again.
9 out of 10

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