Manufacturer: Goodyear
Tyre: Goodyear Vector 4Season


The Goodyear Vector 4Season tyre is a premium tyre suited specifically for passenger vehicles. This tyre is suitable for all seasons, meaning that it offers fantastic performance levels all year round. In terms of wet weather performance, the risk of aquaplaning has been reduced significantly to guarentee maximum driver control and safety. Comfort levels have been heightened thanks to a reduction in tyre noise levels, as well minimised vibrations. Overall, the Goodyear Vector 4Season tyre is a fantastic value for money proposition.

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Width Profile Wheel Size Load Index Speed Rating Order Now
185 65 15 88T T
185 65 15 88H H
185 55 14 80H H
205 55 16 91H H
195 55 16 87H H
195 55 16 87H H
205 60 16 92H H
205 65 15 94H H
195 60 16 99/97H R
215 60 16 95V V
215 60 16 95V V
215 60 16 95V V
215 60 16 95H H
195 60 16 89H H
215 60 17 96V V
225 50 17 94V V
Andy - 21st September, 2015

This is the third car I have used these on. Obviously would be better to put them on car at start of Winter so get full benefit of tread depth through the worst weather. However last year had a the ABS and 4WD drive system pack in on a car and these still got me through snow and ice with no issue, even part worn. These are the only tyres we put on the front wheels of our cars now.
9 out of 10