Manufacturer: Goodyear
Tyre: Goodyear Ultragrip Performance 1


The Goodyear Ultragrip Performance 1 tyres are premium tyres suited for the winter tyre season. The Goodyear Ultragrip Performance 1 tyres offer an excellent combination of fantastic levels of grip, combined with superior handling characteristics. Overall, this contributes greatly to superior safety levels in difficult winter conditions.

Reduced braking distances: In winter conditions, there may be a risk of skidding on icy or snowy road surfaces. However, the Goodyear Ultragrip Performance 1 tyres dramatically reduce the braking distance in difficult wintry conditions, impacting positively on driver safety.
Increased tyre longevity: Goodyear use their ‘TOPT’ which stands for ‘Tread Optimal Performance Technology’. This technology ensures that tyre longevity is increased due to the optimised tread wear, making these tyres excellent value for money.
Excellent wet weather performance: The grooves within the tyre tread help channel water away from the road surface to prevent the risk of skidding. You can be assured of maximum safety in wet weather conditions.
Added protection: The Goodyear Ultragrip Performance 1 tyres offer added protection against tyre damage. The rim protection used ensures added tyre rigidity, decreasing the risk of damage to the tyre.

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