Manufacturer: Goodyear
Tyre: Goodyear RSA


To start off let me warn you we are not talking about the latest acting sensation on celluloid (you might think so, given the title). We are still talking about those round black things that make your car go – tyres. And in particular, here we are talking about the Goodyear RSA tyres, which are truly worthy of the title because they have a premium sidewall styling that makes them look good. And they are power packed with technology and features to offer premium performance. Thus they are the true ‘good looking performers’. The Goodyear RSA tyres come to you from Goodyear Tyres, one of the world’s leading tyre manufacturers. Goodyear of course has tyres for all applications including the Goodyear Wrangler HP tyres for SUVs and 4x4s and the Goodyear Duragrip tyres popularly used in small to medium city and family cars. The Goodyear RSA tyres are suitable for use on sporty saloons, coupes and sports cars and highway autos and light trucks.

The Goodyear RSA tyres are all season tyres and provide adequate traction on all surfaces including light snow. They are marked with the ‘M+S’ symbol on the sidewall indicating suitability of usage on mud and snow. The RSA marking on the tyres stands for Rally-Sport-Asymmetric.

Enhanced traction on all surfaces:  The Goodyear RSA tyres have a unique asymmetric tread design that increases traction on all surfaces. The aggressive shoulder blocks in the tread maximise area of the contact patch. As a result, the tyres grip well and keep you firmly on course at all times. Also you experience exceptional cornering stability, precise steering responsiveness and improved handling characteristics that make driving a pure pleasure.
Confident handling in wet or snowy conditions: The presence of wide circumferential grooves helps enhance the grip on wet and snowy conditions, enhancing confidence. The aquaplaning resistance is also high, preventing you from skidding when surface is slippery.
Reduced tyre noise: The Goodyear RSA tyres have an optimised tread pattern that reduces tyre noise, delivering a quiet and peaceful ride.

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205 45 17 84V V
245 50 20 102V V

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