Manufacturer: Firestone
Tyre: Firestone Multihawk


Firestone Multihawk tyres are passenger car tyres that deliver an all round performance on various critical parameters. These tyres have been developed as the core general use products by Firestone Tyres and are the flagship product of the company. Firestone Tyres, an original American company established in 1900 has since 1998 become part of Japanese tyre conglomerate Bridgestone Tyres. The Firestone tyre range has tyres for various applications including the Firestone TZ300 tyres used popularly in performance focused passenger cars.

Delivering All Round Performance: The Firestone Multihawk tyres offer a balanced performance on the different tyre performance criteria, making them true all round performers. The tyres are designed for maximum wet safety without compromising on dry handling. The tread pattern and design minimise irregular wear to increase tyre life. Also tyre noise levels are greatly minimised. As you can see, practically all crucial performance criteria have been covered.
Modern Asymmetric Tread Pattern: This tread pattern incorporates a more rounded shape to the tread blocks, which improves the dry road handling and also improves the wet dispersal properties.
Higher Void Ratio: The void ratio is the ratio of tread gaps to the total tread foot print. The higher void ratio reduces irregular wear pattern. This feature is also associated with reducing tyre noise levels.
Performance: Because of various innovative features and designs the Firestone Multihawk tyres perform well in the following areas. The steering responsiveness is greatly enhanced, resulting in improved handling and more precise control on the car under all driving conditions.

The braking responsiveness is also high resulting in shorter braking distances on all surfaces.The Firestone Multihawk tyres also exhibit increased resistance to aquaplaning due to their unique tread pattern and there is more efficient water dispersal from the under tread area. So safety on wet surface is greatly enhanced. Of course, the tyres are associated with decreased irregular tread wear and also reduction in tyre noise levels.

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e mottram - 4th March, 2012

great service thank you
10 out of 10

Tony Madden - 8th February, 2012

Bought 2 for front. Very comfortable and quiet. Wish my rear tyres (@6mm) wear more as I would have put 4 comfortable and quiet Firestones on. Good grip and wet weather confidence. Dislike cheapo sidewall graphics from a good brand, and are heavier to steer at slow speed, otherwise no real gripes. Have only been able to do > 2000 miles due to garage misdiagnosis' and now awaiting engine overhaul, so less miles than average. Still rate these as Very Good.
8 out of 10

craig bennett - 3rd January, 2012

cheap and excellent quality and performance compared to other tyres I've had
9 out of 10

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