Manufacturer: Dunlop
Tyre: Dunlop Sport Maxx GT TTMFS


Dunlop Sport Maxx GT TTMFS tyres are Dunlop’s premium tyres with guaranteed high-performance for speedy driving. Manufactured in Germany these tyres are already being flaunted by some of the hottest vehicles in Europe and North America. Built for speed and balance, these tyres are undoubtedly one of the best choices for high-speed sports cars. The advanced Maximum Flange Shield (MFS) technology is the unique feature of these tyres that offers unmatched safety and protection to the alloy wheels. Dunlop Sport Maxx GT TTMFS tyres are summer tyres designed specifically for passenger cars. Dunlop Tyres is a company that has always delivered high-quality products, for a wide range of vehicles. After all, they have been in the tyre manufacturing game for more than a century now. They know how to make good tyres that meet the most stringent quality measures. Dunlop Tyres also offers the popular Dunlop Sport Maxx TT tyres, high performance tyres that incorporate Kevlar fibres in the tyre construction, for improved resistance to tension and heat, facilitating more precise driving.

Enhanced dry grip and braking: The Dunlop Sport Maxx GT TTMS tyres use Dunlop’s superior Motorsport technology, where the tread compound is combined with highly refined racing carbon black. As a result, the tyres have an enhanced grip over dry surfaces and exhibit excellent dry braking.
Excellent cornering stability: Flatter tread profile with 4-8% bigger contact patch offers Dunlop Sport Maxx GT TTMFS tyres maximum contact with the road, improving cornering stability and delivering an enhanced road feedback. This allows the tyres to respond precisely and quickly.
High-speed capability: The internal structure of Dunlop Sport Maxx GT TTMFS tyres incorporates twin steel belts that are reinforced with Dunlop’s Hybrid Jointless Band (JLB) which is coiled around it and reduces the weight considerably enhancing the high speed capability.

One of the most distinctive features of these tyres is the presence of a Maximum Flange Shield (MFS) that offers maximum protection to the costly alloy wheels from kerbing damage by means of a band of rubber placed around the tyre’s circumference above the wheel flange. This creates a buffer zone offering protection to the wheels.

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255 35 18 94Y Y
245 45 18 96Y Y
255 35 19 96Y Y
265 30 20 94Y Y
325 30 20 102Y Y
Nigel Fleming - 20th November, 2015

Excellent Service From Tyre Shopper and with a work force of about 6800 people. I will definitely recommend yourselves To them. Well done Tyre Shopper.
10 out of 10

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