Manufacturer: Dunlop
Tyre: Dunlop SP300


The Dunlop SP300 tyres are summer tyres from the Dunlop Tyres stable that bring high levels of performance to passenger cars. If you are desirous of transforming your every day drive into an exciting and exhilarating ride experience, the Dunlop SP300 tyres are for you. Dunlop Tyres, one of the world’s leading tyre manufacturers has had a long association with the racing track and has products specific to racing cars. The Dunlop SP tyre range, of which the Dunlop SP300 tyres are a part, comprises several ultra high performance tyres inspired from the racing track technologies. The Dunlop SP Sport01 tyres and the Dunlop SP Fast Response tyres are other popular variants in the Dunlop SP tyre range. The Dunlop SP300 tyres boast of a modern tread design and new tread compound which work together to confer the highest performance capabilities on passenger cars.

Enhanced stability: The tyres exhibit a radius channel tread pattern, which ensures that more of the tyre is in contact with the road most of the time. This increased contact patch increases steering responsiveness and maintains high levels of stability at all times, including while cornering at high speeds. The tread pattern also increases aquaplaning resistance and reduces external noise levels.
Improved braking responsiveness: The innovative tread compound used in the Dunlop SP300 tyres, the SilicaPlus compound has inherent extra road adhesion properties, to enhance grip and traction. As a result, the tyres deliver high levels of acceleration as well as very quick braking response.
Extended tyre longevity:This tread compound is associated with reducing wear and tear and thus contributes to extended tyre life.
Improved fuel economy: The innovative tread compound reduces rolling resistance and increases fuel efficiency that is converted into long term fuel cost savings. It should come as no surprise that the SilicaPlus tread compound has been derived from Dunlop’s motorsport tyre technologies.
Specific bead seat system: This system reinforces the link between the wheel rim and the tyre, holding the tyre perfectly in place during movement to deliver even more precise steering responsiveness.
Jointless bandage system: This system ensures excellent high speed stability, smooth ride and enhanced wear resistance, contributing to ride comfort and tyre durability.

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