Manufacturer: Dunlop
Tyre: Dunlop SP Sport 270


Dunlop SP Sport 270 tyres are premium quality tyres from one of the oldest brands in the tyre industry. These tyres are meant to offer a luxury-class driving experience to the driver. They offer a quiet and comfortable ride even at a very high-speed. Dunlop Tyres is a world renowned company that manufactures high quality tyres that are suitable for a comfortable and safe driving experience across different regions and in varying climatic conditions. Having an experience of more than a century, they know how to make a tyre that stands true to its promise of quality and performance. 

Improved wet performance: The premium tread compound composed of silica offers an improved traction on wet surface enhancing safety and also considerably reduces tread wear.
Enhanced hydroplaning resistance: The four wider grooves on the tyres’ circumference and on the sidewalls, improve the hydroplaning resistance offered by the Dunlop SP Sport 270 tyres thus making water drainage more efficient and enhancing control and stability on wet surface.
Excellent wet grip: Dunlop SP Sport 270 tyres have broader grooves on the shoulders and independent tread blocks. This structure improves water drainage and improves their grip on wet surfaces.
Increased dry handling: Dunlop SP Sport 270 tyres provide higher stability on dry surfaces too. Their large tread blocks that are interconnected to each other improve traction on dry surfaces thus providing increased stability on dry surfaces.
Integrity in high-speed conditions: The twin cut belts made of steel offer a uniform performance and riding experience and make Dunlop SP Sport 270 tyres highly durable. They create less noise on freeway driving even at a very high speed of 110 km/h.

Other tyres in Dunlop’s SP Sports tyre range are the multipurpose Dunlop SP Sport 01 tyres that are perfectly suitable for very high-speed driving such as a sports car. The premium summer touring tyres – the Dunlop SP Sport 270 tyres are specifically designed for SUVs. They are made to deliver a high quality and luxurious driving experience. A balanced performance on dry and wet roads is one of the most striking features of the Dunlop SP Sport 270 tyres.

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215 60 17 96H H
225 60 17 99H H
235 55 18 99V V
235 55 18 99V V
robert alexander - 16th January, 2012

i am verry pleased with my tyres
10 out of 10

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