Manufacturer: Continental
Tyre: Continental Spt Cont 3 E


The Continental Sport Contact 3 tyres are premium tyres suited for high performance vehicles. These summer tyres offer fantastic braking responsiveness while combining safety with high-end performance.

Enhanced steering precision: The outstanding directional precision ensures excellent traction with the road surface when driving at speed. This increased steering responsiveness ensures for greater control when driving.
Improved braking performance: Stopping distances are considerably reduced in both dry and wet conditions. Wet braking performance is critical to ensure your safety when driving in difficult conditions.
Excellent protection against aquaplaning: Aquaplaning may occur on wet road surfaces, resulting in you losing control of your vehicle. These tyres help significantly reduce this risk due to fantastic gripping qualities combined with efficient water dispersion.
Low rolling resistance: You can be assured of value for money when purchasing these tyres due a reduction in fuel economy. The optimised rolling resistance allows for increased mileage characteristics, ensuring an extended tyre life. 

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Tim Heads - 16th March, 2012

if price was not an issue I would certainly buy these excellent tyres everytime. They feel very secure on the road, luckily national tyres had a very good online deal. The tyres are wearing quicker than I had hoped but they are wearing evenly which is a good thing. Overall excellent tyres, rather expensive unless there is a good deal and be prepared to replace sooner compared to some cheaper rivals. Will certainly use again if the price is right
10 out of 10

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