Manufacturer: Continental
Tyre: Continental Cross Contact LX


The Continental Cross Contact LX tyres are premium tyres suited for off-road and sport utility vehicles. The tyres allow for excellent performance on demanding road surfaces, as well as in light off-road conditions. The tyres offer enhanced handling characteristics with traction in year-round conditions.

Reduced risk of skidding in wet conditions: Four wide circumferential grooves offer resistance against aquaplaning by efficiently deflecting surface water. This ensures you have maximum stability when driving in difficult conditions. These grooves also double up as stone ejectors which prevent damage to the tyre.
Suitable for all seasons: The tyres are suitable in all seasons of the year including weather conditions such as light slow. This is due to the precise steering response and exceptional gripping qualities.
Improved steering responsiveness: Handling is drastically improved as well as offering superb straight-line tracking. These tyres are perfect for motorway driving and will contribute greatly towards a positive and comfortable driving experience.
Excellent fuel efficiency and value for money: Through increased fuel economy and tyre durability you can be assured of fantastic value for money. These factors contribute to long-term savings through the reduction of rolling resistance, allowing for higher mileage.

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Width Profile Wheel Size Load Index Speed Rating Order Now
215 65 16 98H H
215 60 17 96H H
225 65 17 102T T
225 65 17 102T T
235 55 17 99V V
235 55 17 99V V
235 60 18 103H H
235 70 16 106H H
255 70 16 111T T
255 60 18 108W W
265 60 18 110T T
235 65 18 106T T
245 50 20 102H H
275 45 21 107H H
275 45 20 110V V
265 45 20 108V V
275 40 22 108Y Y
Steve - 3rd November, 2015

very noisy when first fitted but now much quieter after 1000 miles. Always had Bridgestones which were recommended by Honda before so will see how they compare for wear after a year
8 out of 10

John Gibbs - 25th March, 2012

The Pathfinder is mainly used for pulling my caravan, wear is mostly on the the back tyres due to the weight, alround they are good and I'm happy with the performance.
8 out of 10

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Grip in the Wet
Steering Responsiveness
Cornering Stability
Resistance to Aquaplaning
Tread wear versus mileage
Ride comfort and smoothness
Noise level
Quality versus price
General appearance / tread pattern
Overall rating