Manufacturer: Bridgestone
Tyre: Bridgestone RE050A


  • Eliminates risk of skidding on wet surface by reducing the chances of aquaplaning
  • Greater steering responsiveness and improved handling mean that you are in greater control of the car
  • The high traction displayed by the tyres ensures safe and reduced braking distances
  • Quiet and smooth ride enhances the overall ride experience
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Width Profile Wheel Size Load Index Speed Rating Order Now
195 55 16 87V V
215 45 17 87Y Y
215 50 17 91W W
235 40 18 91Y Y
245 45 18 96W W
225 45 18 91V V
255 40 17 94Y Y
275 35 18 95Y Y
245 40 19 94W W
275 45 18 103Y Y
275 35 19 96W W
Nigel - 13th November, 2015

Very happy with the Bridgestones. Much better grip than the Pirelli PZeros that I used before. Will probably stick with the brand now. They were fitted by National Tyres in Slough (Bath Road).
10 out of 10

Stephen Helps - 20th October, 2015

Always fitted the manufacturer's recommended tyre for this model
5 out of 10

JOHN - 11th July, 2012

OE on my car develpoed tyre wall bubble after only 2000 miles. No trauma or damage. First time with these can't wait to go back to continental. These are dangerous
1 out of 10

jason wood - 23rd April, 2012

The tyres are good quality as you would expect for the price. But I would not recommend purchasing a car with run flat tyres they are a gimmick you can t drive on them for any distance it just the same as driving on a normal flat tyre.
10 out of 10

red2011 - 23rd January, 2012

These are excellent tyres for the money good value , but for tread wear very poor i was running on soft compound so my tyres lasted no more than 6 months very frustated if i had harder compound they may have lasted a year i would off been very happy.
9 out of 10

Bryan Smith - 29th January, 2011

Good reliable tyre
9 out of 10

Jeanette Jennings - 18th January, 2011

Grip in the snow is not that great only at extremely low revs, but it maybe the car rather than the tyres
7 out of 10

Mr A Mackay - 7th October, 2010

Wear rate of the identical Bridgestones which were replaced was very even across the tyre, and the grip and aquaplane resistance remained at a high level up until when the tyres were replaced after about 30,000 miles
9 out of 10

mike bower - 30th September, 2010

I feel that this is a good trustworthy tyre. I always feel pretty confident driving on these in all weathers
10 out of 10

phil - 30th September, 2010

i replaced like for like potenzas where fitted at the factory and i have kept with bridgestones .....will admit that if you had a rating for grip in the snow ,they would get a 1...i do realise that as a low profile tyre grip in the snow will never be good .... having purchased at least 4 bridgestones from yourself ..i have found that your delivery can vary wildly from the delivery day given
5 out of 10

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