Manufacturer: Bridgestone
Tyre: Bridgestone RE050


Bridgestone RE050 tyres are high performance tyres from Bridgestone Tyres for high performance sports cars, executive saloons and super-sport models. The tyres have been specially developed to support your demanding requirements on such cars with adequate performance and safety levels. The Bridgestone RE050 tyres are original equipment on some of the world’s leading performance oriented cars such as the Mercedes Benz S55AMG and the Ferrari Enzo super car. The tyres hardly need any further proof for their performance, do they? The Bridgestone RE050 tyres are equipped with a number of racing track technologies (suitably modified for on road usage) to deliver maximum performance in areas of corner handling, safety and control on wet and ride comfort.

Handling characteristics: The Bridgestone RE050 tyres exhibit a directional tread pattern, with large rectangular shoulder blocks. These blocks confer responsive handling on dry roads with exceptional high speed stability, particularly during cornering.
Wet safety and control: The Bridgestone RE050 tyres tread patterns consists of circumferential and lateral tread grooves that serve as excellent water evacuation channels. As a result, the contact patch is enhanced, reducing the risk of aquaplaning and providing good traction and control on wet roads. In fact, the Bridgestone RE050 tyres use Bridgestone’s innovative UNI-T racing technology that ensures superior traction on wet and dry surface and provides superb control and superior braking responsiveness.
Ride comfort: The Bridgestone RE050 tyres tread is optimised to minimise tyre noise levels, resulting in a quiet ride that contributes to the ride comfort. Another component of ride comfort is the smoothness of the ride. In the Bridgestone RE050 tyres, this comes from Bridgestone’s proprietary DONUTS technology that comprises an innovative O-bead roundness. This basically ensures that there is snug fit between the tyre and rim eliminating vibrations that may occur with other tyres at high speeds. 

Additionally, the tyres use CTDM (Comprehensive Tyre Design Method) technology that essentially uses computer software to arrive at the ideal combination of various tyre elements such as tread design, compound, construction and structure casing shape etc to perfectly suit the end user’s requirements.

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225 45 17 90W W
235 45 17 94Y Y
215 45 17 87W W
215 45 17 87V V
tom bond - 23rd September, 2015

The manager at National Tyres Widnes could do with learning about customer service and what is required to keep customers,as he seems to have an attitude problem.
8 out of 10

Fraser McK - 15th June, 2012

Awesome tyre, mega grippy when pushing on in the dry in twisty back roads and scary control in the wet
10 out of 10

karl - 8th June, 2012

fitted these on all 4 corners of my focus st170 and are quite pricey but are worth every penny just changing my front tyres now after 12000 miles will buy again
10 out of 10

tonybogacki - 23rd January, 2012

excellent tyres although a bit pricey but safetey is of paramount importance.
10 out of 10

Rob Lucas - 18th November, 2011

I drive an Alfa 147,which tend to wear the front inner tread on both tyers after only a years driving, but have been told this is normal for this car,the car was purchased from new.
8 out of 10

Robert Dolan - 26th July, 2011

Very impressed with the quality of service provided
10 out of 10

Garth Bryden - 15th July, 2011

Just superb tyres. The car came with a set of Dunlop SP Sports Maxx and these Bridgestones are so much better in all categories, especially wear.
9 out of 10

Jason Kirby - 31st March, 2011

For the price that I paid for them, they are a must have bargain :o)
10 out of 10

P.Allen - 26th February, 2011

Wish I had fitted the original type which were available extra £40 ish which were Yokohama. The Bridgestones I purchased are noisy and the grip is definitely not so good as the originals. If I still have this car when this set wear out I will still purchase from this site but as factory fitted specification.
4 out of 10

Colin McEwan - 1st December, 2010

Find the car slides on rounabouts and roads with a reasonable camber, not as good as Pirreli ones that came on the car, not great in current snow and lacks grip on gradients so not good in the current snow we have had in last few days.
5 out of 10

m hughes - 21st October, 2010

Very noisy on shell grip and concrete surfaces.
6 out of 10

BRIAN STABLES - 13th October, 2010

So far so good. Fitting centre very good and helpfull staff (Bangor Gwynedd) .
10 out of 10

A W MacGregor - 5th October, 2010

Front tyres do seem to wear quite quickly.
8 out of 10

Graham - 1st October, 2010

Great tyres holds the road very good
10 out of 10

Mr Leadbetter - 30th September, 2010

Fantistic service ! Will use again and have recommended to family and friends .
10 out of 10

mark - 30th September, 2010

top tyre top price saved me rear ending on the motorway more than once! outbreaked many other tyres in on the motorway........ one day somone will get me from behind....
10 out of 10

Terry Arthur - 30th September, 2010

Car requires good quality tyres due to what it is. I always continue to buy OE from new on any car and therefore expect to pay a higher premium. Having said that I was extremely happy with Tyre Shopper and their very competetive price. Most certainly will be my first stop next time I need tyres for any of the family vehicles.
10 out of 10

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