Manufacturer: Bridgestone
Tyre: Bridgestone ER300 Ecopia M0


  • The tyres deliver high levels of ride comfort due to the optimised carcass construction that has high exceptional shock absorption properties.
  • The Bridgestone ER300 Ecopia MO tyres ensure a quiet and peaceful ride because the tread blocks are rounded at the edges, reducing the on road tyre noise levels
  • You can expect predictable handling and greater vehicle control due to the asymmetric tread pattern that enhances dry traction and improves handling characteristics on dry surface
  • The steering response is very sharp, enabling exceptional high speed manoeuvrability because the Bridgestone ER300 Ecopia MO tyre tread incorporates a single solid longitudinal rib that imparts directional stability
  • Exceptional wet safety is made possible due to the unique tread design comprising water evacuation blocks that efficiently deflect water from the under tread to reduce risk of aquaplaning as well as improve wet traction and braking responsiveness
  • You can look forward to significant cost savings on account of increased fuel efficiency due to low rolling resistance tread compound
  • Officially approved by Mercedes (as indicated by the MO mark), so you can rest assured about the tyre’s suitability for your Mercedes car
  • Reduced noise levels deliver a quiet and peaceful ride at all times
  • Experience ‘luxury in motion’ as the tyres enhance the ride smoothness at all speeds and surfaces
  • Confident handling and increased braking responsiveness add to the overall ride experience
  • Obvious and important benefits of fuel economy and environmental friendliness due to reduced carbon dioxide emissions
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205 55 16 91H H

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