Manufacturer: Bridgestone
Tyre: Bridgestone ER300 Ecopia


  • Significant cost savings on account of fuel efficiency
  • Maximum safety due to superior braking responsiveness on wet and dry surface
  • Quiet drive and unprecedented ride quality at all times
  • Good for the environment due to reduced emission of carbon dioxide
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Width Profile Wheel Size Load Index Speed Rating Order Now
205 55 16 91W W
195 60 14 86H H
225 55 17 97Y Y
Kerry Moloney - 17th September, 2012

they feel safe
8 out of 10

Stuart Carroll - 25th July, 2012

Very Satisfied with tyres and the fitting
10 out of 10

Scott Allaway - 9th July, 2012

I have only just purchased these tyres today... My reason for feedback today was to say that I would like to thank Darren Sumner for his help, effort and speedyness in confirming that I required a second tyre and then calling the tyre company direct for me after I confirmed the online rate was better (he did not have the ability to price match). I was able to pay the difference and have the both tyres fitted speedily - I was also impressed by the general demeanour of all of the staff within the office dealing with clients and giving what appeared very genuine feedback where it is clear that most were awaiting bad news or new cost to be thrown their way.
10 out of 10

P Rawe - 24th May, 2012

Very pleased with the tyres but twice in the rain going around roundabouts the back end of the car skidded to the point I missed my turn off and had to continue around the roundabout to the amusement of onlookers. The back tyres are still well within their wear limits but not as good as the Bridgestones on the front.
9 out of 10

Vernon Wicks - 18th May, 2012

I have already recommended ,these tyres to a freind & she has purchased them through you.
10 out of 10

S. Nicholson - 11th April, 2012

These tyres are the original make of tyre on the car and the difference between a premium make like bridgestone and other non premium makes ie makes you have never heard of, are large. The tyres hug the ground and the car is precise when cornering.
10 out of 10

G Hogarth - 16th March, 2012

Vauxhall used to fit this tyre as standard to the Astra H, so I bought it based on that fact. They feel better than the Goodyear NCT5 I had previously. The Bridgestone are a far better brand, they make my heavy diesel Astra stick to the road and were EXCELLENT in rain and ice. I don't go wild in the car but they do grip very well. I also like the fact they do not wear down very fast, so I can excuse the slight noise for extra grip. I will definitely buy them again.
10 out of 10

Martin - 2nd March, 2012

I now always buy these Bridgestones. They feel positive and trustworthy on the road.
10 out of 10

chris kirvan - 19th February, 2012

very pleased overall with these tyres,so far they seem to be wearing very well
10 out of 10

N Mead - 23rd September, 2011

Have now sold the car, so I only had the tyres for 2 months, but I will get the same ones on my new Mondeo Estate.
9 out of 10

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