Manufacturer: Bridgestone
Tyre: Bridgestone BR LM80


The Bridgestone LM80 tyres are premium tyres suited for 4x4 and sports utility vehicles. These winter tyres offer excellent steering responsiveness on snow, ice and slush. You can be assured of excellent handling on ether wet or dry road surfaces, combined with fantastic stability and control.

Outstanding wet weather performance: The risk of aquaplaning is significantly reduced in wet conditions due to the innovative tread design of the tyre. The grooves ensure that water is quickly dispersed from the contact patch, ensuring superior wet grip.
Improved handling characteristics: You can be assured of excellent handling in both dry and wet conditions and on a variety of road surfaces. Due to the location of the sipes within the tyre tread, you can be assured of reliable braking, especially when cornering.
Maximum control on a variety of road surfaces: The Bridgestone LM80 tyres offer exceptional levels of grip to ensure excellent levels of control when driving. You can be confident of a smooth and relaxing driving experience with the Bridgestone LM80, no matter the weather conditions.
Improved fuel efficiency: Rolling resistance has been optimised to ensure you get an excellent value for money. You will now have the ability to drive for an increased number of miles.

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