Manufacturer: Barum
Tyre: Barum Vanis 2


The Vanis 2 tyres are high performance van tyres associated with high mileage and braking responsiveness, including reduced braking distances. These economical tyres offer excellent safety with much improved tyre longevity, ensuring an increase in mileage.

Reduced risk of aquaplaning: Water is efficiently drained due to three wide circumferential grooves. This reduces the risk of aquaplaning in wet conditions. This is aimed at improving driver safety and comfort when driving.
Extended tyre life:  Due to the long tyre longevity you can guarantee an outstanding price-to-performance ratio. The safety of the tyre has been improved to ensure you can feel confident driving in all conditions.
Improved braking responsiveness: To improve safety, braking distances on both dry and wet surfaces are reduced.  Due to the increased responsiveness of braking, you can be assured of a comfortable drive in wet or difficult conditions.
Reduced noise levels:  There is an increase in quality and comfort due to reduced external noise levels. You can be certain of an improved driving experience by the reduction of tyre noise, which will result in an enhanced quality of drive.
Grip levels: When the van is loaded to maximum capacity, excellent traction is provided due to the angled grooves. This will improve your overall driving experience while ensuring a comfortable and stable drive.


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Width Profile Wheel Size Load Index Speed Rating Order Now
185 80 14 102/100Q R
175 65 14 90/88T R
195 70 15 104/102R R
195 75 16 107/105R R
185 75 16 104/102R R
195 65 16 104/102T R
205 65 15 102/100T R
225 70 15 112/110R R
215 75 16 113/111R R
205 75 16 110/108R R
205 65 16 107/105T R
215 75 16 116/114R R
225 65 16 112/110R R
235 65 16 115/113R R

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Grip in the Dry
Grip in the Wet
Steering Responsiveness
Cornering Stability
Resistance to Aquaplaning
Tread wear versus mileage
Ride comfort and smoothness
Noise level
Quality versus price
General appearance / tread pattern
Overall rating