Manufacturer: Avon
Tyre: Avon ZV7


The Avon ZV7 tyres are high performance summer tyres associated with comfortable driving, improved safety and increased protection.  These tyres are specifically designed for passenger cars.

Reduced noise levels: Sequenced tread blocks help minimise tyre and external noise levels.  You can be assured of a comfortable and high quality drive due to the reduction of tyre noise.
Minimised skid risk: The tyres consist of large circumferential grooves that allow water to disperse efficiently and quickly when driving on wet surfaces.  This reduces the risk of aquaplaning, ensuring you feel safe and comfortable when driving in difficult conditions.
High mileage characteristics: These tyres have an exceptional wear resistance rate. Due to this, you can be assured of an excellent price-to-performance ratio.  The low rolling resistance of these tyres also provides better fuel economy. Your safety has been increased to ensure your maximum comfort when driving.
Improved steering and braking responsiveness: The tyre tread pattern combined with the sipes enable a better grip on both dry and wet surfaces. The traction has been increased between the surface of the road and rubber compound of the tyre. This will ensure a stable and smooth drive in all conditions.

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Width Profile Wheel Size Load Index Speed Rating Order Now
195 65 15 91V V
195 50 15 82V V
205 55 16 91V V
195 60 15 88V V
205 55 16 91W W
195 55 15 85V V
185 55 15 82V V
205 60 15 91V V
205 65 15 94V V
195 55 16 87V V
225 45 17 91Y Y
205 50 16 87W W
215 55 16 93V V
225 55 16 95V V
205 50 16 87V V
245 40 17 91Y Y
215 55 17 94W W