Manufacturer: Avon
Tyre: Avon Ranger HTT


  • Excellent ride quality no matter the speed
  • Reduced braking distances to improve driver safety
  • Increased steering responsiveness due to fantastic levels of grip
  • Extended tyre longevity due to even tyre wear
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Mike - 23rd December, 2015

Good quality tyre at a great price which has a good looking tread pattern that seems to perform well in most conditions. Noise level not much different to the Bridgestone which it replaced but seems if anything a much more aggressive grip. Fuel consumption also comparable to the Bridgestone
8 out of 10

sam - 19th December, 2015

good cheap tyres
9 out of 10

Anthony Roberts - 30th November, 2015

I have now bought all new tyres from you so those on my car have come from you and all are Avon. I have also bought a spare tyre from you for my old classic car and all have been really good. So far as recommendations go I think you are the best and have had no hesitation in recommending you to my friends and anyone else who has asked me who to go to!
10 out of 10

D.J.Fisher - 5th November, 2015

These tyres are a great improvement to my previous Federal Super steel tyres, very good grip on try & wet, (no experience as yet on snow or ice) with far better Ride & Smoothness with a greater feel of improved road handling & security.
9 out of 10

Roy Corps - 26th September, 2013

These are a New model of tyre therefore I cannot comment on Tread wear vs mileage yet
10 out of 10

Michael Flaherty - 30th July, 2013

Superb value for money would not hesitate to buy again
10 out of 10

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