Manufacturer: Avon
Tyre: Avon Ice Touring


  • Excellent all round performer for the winter season as it can tackle snow, slush, ice and mud with equal ease
  • A safe driving experience is assured at all times due to exceptional grip and improved braking response
  • You can look forward to a confident drive as handling characteristics are improved, keeping the car under your control at all times
  • Excellent all-round performance combining quality with safety
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Simon - 6th May, 2012

Amazing in deep snow and ice
10 out of 10

VB - 12th March, 2012

We drive a lot on country roads. It was a very good idea to have these tyres fitted. Never had any problems.
10 out of 10

andrew pell - 10th March, 2012

when i bought these it said was a good buy untill i read a review abou them and said poor for money paid a lot for them
1 out of 10

- 7th March, 2012

Reassuring in ice or snow. Thanks.
10 out of 10

Mark Wright - 17th February, 2012

It is difficult to comment meaningfully in these tyres bcs this winter we have had no snow where I live. Driving a RWD in snow would be the true test of the tyres. Meanwhile, bcs of my low annual mileage, I cannot yet comment on tread-wear rate. For these same reasons, hard to comment on quality/price. My friend drove a Saab estate (FWD) in Bavaria all winter with these tyres and said that the presence of snow everywhere had no impact at all on getting about by car.
10 out of 10

lynn dyball - 14th February, 2012

Haven't driven in snow with them, and only in slightly icy conditions.
8 out of 10

- 26th October, 2010

these tyres got me home without fail all last winter...very good value for money ..
9 out of 10

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